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Working principle of keyboard?

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October 22, 2010 12:26PM

the keboard work as:

Inside the keyboard, there are metallic plate, circuit board (key matrix) and processor, which are responsible for transferring information from the keyboard to the computer. Depending upon the working principle, there are two main types of keys, namely, capacitive and hard-contact. Let's discuss in brief about the functioning of capacitive and hard contact key.

Capacitive Key

On the underside of a capacitive key, a metal plunger is fixed, which helps in activating the circuit flow. When a capacitive key is pressed, the metal plunger applies a gentle pressure to the circuit board. The pressure is identified by the computer and the circuit flow is initiated, resulting in the transfer of information from the circuit to the currently installed software.

Hard Contact Key

A hard contact key is attached with a metallic plate that helps in connecting the circuit board. When the hard contact key is pressed, it pushes a metallic plate, which in turn touches the metallic portion of the circuit plate. This overall process of completing a circuit results in a circuit flow, allowing the transfer of the message to the central processing unit (CPU), which is further transmitted to the software.

In both the key types, the circuit signals the processor to read and/or identify the character that has been pressed. For example, in a hard contact key, the processor reads that pressing 'shift' and 'a' keys at the same time corresponds to 'A'. Hence accordingly, the letter, sign or symbol is displayed on the screen. Releasing the pressed key breaks the circuit flow, after which the key retains its original position. The communication between a computer keyboard and main computer is bi-directional, meaning that message or information can be sent within each other.