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Apprx. 6 million

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Q: World wide how many people follow Confucianism?
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How many people follow Confucianism?

Not that many people follow it.

How many followers does Confucianism have?

5-6 million people follow Confucianism

How many followers are there in Confucianism worldwide?

About 6 million people follow Confucianism.

What do people who follow Confucianism believe?

They believe in so many things.

How many people in the world follow the North Korean religion?

The main religion in North Korea is Buddhism and Confucianism which is followed by more than a billion people in the world.

How many followers are there in Confucianism?

Number of Confucianism followers in the world: 0.09% (6,111,056 people).

How many people in the US adhere to Confucianism?

Since religious freedom is a basic right in the constitution no one is required to report what religion they follow or beliefs. World wide about 1% practice it.

How many people in the world follow a religion?

One view95% people in the world follow a religion.

How many people worldwide adhere to Confucianism?

Answer 10.1% (6,111,056 people) of people worldwide practice Confucianism.

What is deity of Confucianism?

There is no deity in confucianism. This is why many people argue that tis is not a religion.

How many believers of Confucianism are in the world as of 2009?

There are currently 394 million people that class their religion as Confucianism. Its the 5th biggest religion in the world after Hinduism and makes up 6% of the wolrd population

How many people are in the Confucianism religion?


Does china follows only Buddhism?

No, the people of China follow many religons, including Buddhism, Taoism, Confucianism, Islam, Christianity, etc.

How many practice Confucianism today?

over million people practice confucianism today

How has Confucianism impacted the world?

Confucius taught that people should respect their elders an many parents are teaching that to their kids

How many people follow a religion in the world?


How many people in the world follow Sikhism?


How many followers of Confucianism are in the world?

Answer 1As published worldwide, number of Confucianism followers in the world as of 2009 is more than 6 million people (around 0.1 % of world population. Refer to link below.Answer 2While only around 6 million people actually identify as Confucianist, that is a misleading statistic. Unlike the popular monotheistic religions (Christianity and Islam), the Eastern Religions are commonly practiced in tandem. A person may perform Buddhist rites and Confucian rites or they may be religiously Shinto but ethically Confucianist, etc. Most people who follow Shenism, also called Chinese Folk Religions, which constitute roughly 400 million people, also follow Confucianism as an ethical system of behavior to accompany the Shenist spiritual beliefs. However, since they are not "religiously" Confucianist, but "religiously" Shenist, they are often excluded from counts of Confucian adherents. If all people who actually follow Confucianism in any form are counted, it would be roughly 700 million people.

How many people follow Confucianism today?

Not very many people still practice it today. It's a dying religion and the cultural revolution in China didn't help it much. More people use it as a philosophy than a religion.

How many believers of Confucianism are in the world?

6,000,000 six million

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How many people in the world follow the quaker religion?


Shinto and Confucianism particularly have what features in common?

Shinto and Confucianism both involve deep reverence for ancestors. Another feature they have in common is that many believers of both follow Buddha.

How many people follow Islam in World?

there is about 1.57 billion people following the Islam religion in the world

How did neo-Confucianism differ from Confucianism?

Well, Neo-Confucianism Differed from Confucianism in many ways. Confucianism was the belief of a real world, not an illusion, as well as Confucianism. Confucius wrote his ideas down in The Analects."Do unto others as you would have others do unto you" Confucius once said. Neo-Confucianism divides the world into a material world and a spiritual world. Confucianism does not believe in a spiritual world.Confucianism follows the Five Constant Relationships: Parent and Child, Husband and Wife, Older Sibling and Younger Sibling, Older Friend and Younger Friend, and Ruler and Subject. The goal of individuals in Neo-Confucianism is to go beyond the materal world, and to reach union with the Supreme Ultimate. Humans do this through careful examination of the moral principles.