Worlds largest beetle

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the worlds largest beetle is the titanus giganteus

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Q: Worlds largest beetle
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What is the worlds largest beetle?

the goliath beetle or Hercules beetle is one of the biggest or largest beetles in the world, try looking up on wikipedia or in a book or something!

What is the largest beetle in New Zealand?

New Zealand's largest beetle is the Huhu Beetle (Prionoplus reticulans).

What could b stand for that has to do with Africa?

beetles is the worlds largest and heaviest beetle, the Goliath beetle is found in TROPICAL AFRICA. It can reach a length of 5 inches and wiegh 1/2 pounds.

What is New zealands largest beetle?

The Huhu beetle.

Is the Gliath beetle the largest beetle?

yes the gliath beetle is and its record is 4 inches long

What is the largest bug?

The Goliath Beetle is currently the largest bug on Earth.

What is the largest beetle in the world?

At up to 4 and a half inches long that would be the Goliath beetle

What is the worlds fastest beetle?

the jet beetle. its basiclly a vw beetle with a jet engine hooked up in the back... google it up!!! the jet beetle. its basiclly a vw beetle with a jet engine hooked up in the back... google it up!!!

What is New Zealands largest native beetle?

Perhaps not the largest beetle but perhaps the largest NZ insect is the Weta which looks like a large grasshopper with a large head. It is also one of the worlds largest insects and a 'dinosaur' of sorts in that it has probably been around for the last 100 million years. There are a number of species which differ in size depending on their location. To see its size in relation to a human hand, go to............. also see§ion=D&gallery=NZ+GIANT+WETA The Huhu beetle (Prionoplus reticularis) is New Zealand's largest beetle.

What is heavier the worlds lightest bird or the worlds heaviest insect?

Insect - goliath beetle 70g Bird - bee hummingbird 2g

What animal or insect is the larggest?

the elephant is the most largest animal -------------- By volume and weight, the Blue Whale is the largest living animal. The largest insects (by weight) are either the Goliath Beetle or the Elephant Beetle. By size the Stick Insects are the largest.

How much does a Titan Beetle weigh?

The Titan Beetle is a type of longhorn beetle. It is not known how much a Titan Beetle actually weighs, but the largest one found measured 16.7 centimeters long.

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