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Yes with torsions cranked till the truck sits level. Crank it about an inch past level and 33s would look great

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2012-03-05 04:26:28
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Q: Would 33 inch tires clear your stock 1998 Chevy z71?
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What size tires come on a standard, stock Chevy truck?

Standard, stock Chevy trucks come with 16" steel tires in almost all cases. As for older trucks, the tire size would differ depending on the model.

Will 31 inch tires fit on stock 97 Chevy wheels?

no way will 31in tire fit on a stock chevy blazer the tires will rub on thewheel wells

Stock tire brand for 2005 Chevy Silverado 1500?

stock brand of tires for the 2000 chevy silverado 4x4 ext cab

What size are stock tires on a 1984 Chevy truck?


Can 36in tires fit on a 1999 Chevy with 6in lift from skyjacker?

you would thinkso because the stock tires are nearly 30 inches, add six inches to that and you get 36.

What kind of tires come stock on a 1959 Chevy Impala?

The tires that came stock on the 1959 Impala were the OEM. On the convertible they were the 235 blue-flame tires. OEM stands for the original equipment manufacturer.

Will 22'' rims fit on a stock 1973 chevy caprice?

yes,even with 30 series tires

What size of tires will a stock 1999 Ford Ranger clear?

I have 275R15's on mine.

What is stock horsepower on 5.3 Chevy Silverado?

from the factory the 5.3 liter Chevy has 330 horsepower at the crankshaft it has about 290 at the tires depending on gear ratio

Can 24 inch rims on a stock 1973 Chevy Caprice?

YES you just need low profile tires!

How much does a 1977 Chevy Silverado weigh?

Roughly 5000 pounds stock. 5700 with lift and mud tires

What do you have to do to put 31 x 10.5 tires on a stock Chevy s 10 4x4?

2 inch lift kit

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