Would Andy Warhol have loved the Joshua Tree album?

Updated: 8/20/2019
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Q: Would Andy Warhol have loved the Joshua Tree album?
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How did Andy Warhol feel about colour?

He loved strong colors.

Did Warhol like making everything different?

Yes, he did. He really did. He also loved peanut butter.

What is Andy Warhol's most loved painting?

A painting of a Campbell's soup can.

The year 3000 what album did it come from?

The Year 3000 was first on their album It's about time. Since the Fans loved it so much they decided to add it as a bonus track on their next album which would be called Jonas Brothers

How did bottled line make Andy Warhol famous?

Well, the artwork of coke bottles (100 bottle) by Andy Warhol was made famous but how he put originality into it, the colours are abstract and it was classified at 'pop' The art critics loved it, and when he produced more (campbell's soup, Marilyn diptych) he was well known, so from then he was loved ...

How did Andy Warhol influence Jeff Koons?

Andy Warhol gave Jeff Koons the prospect of the celebrity status. The artist as the celebrity and machines became masses. Warhol repeated everyday items and Jeff repeats machines.

When was the 'Cheap Trill' album first released?

The 'Cheap Trill' album was first released in 1975. Many people loved the album and were very excited for another album like it to come out. The artist instantly became famous after releasing the album.

Why did Andy Warhol like to use celebrities in his art work?

Andy Warhol used celebrities in his art work because he could not think of an original subject matter. His friends suggested that he should paint something he loved and he loved celebrities, so he painted them.

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You Would Have Loved This was created on 2006-10-25.

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