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Would Chris Brown date a non-celebrity?

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Unless you are an superstar, i wouldn't even consider thinking about dating cris brown. sorry

yes he would because everyone knows he just wants someone to really love him like a real person would not just to get his money.

okay everyone knows he would!

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If you had a chance would you date Chris Brown?

No, me personally I would never ever date Chris Brown, but I know a lot of other girls who probably would!

Will Chris Brown date a computer?

No Chris Brown will not date a computer.

Would Chris Brown date a 16 yr old?

No Chris Brown would not date a 16 year old because he is 21 year old. The 16 year old is still a minor and Chris Brown is an adult. Chris Brown would get arrested for dating a 16 year old.

Would chriss brown date a non celebrity?

ask chris brown!

Did Chris Brown date Lady Gaga?

No, Chris brown did not date Lady Gaga.

Do Chris Brown and Rhihanna date?

Chris Brown and Rihanna use to date then they broke up.

How long did Chris Brown date jordin sparks for?

Chris Brown did not date Jordin Sparks.

Did rhyon brown date Chris Brown?

No Chris Brown didn't date Rhyon brown, same last name means nothing

Did Chris Brown Date Keri Hilson?

No Chris Brown did not date Keri Hilson they were just friends.

Would Chris Brown date rihanna?

yes they arlready go out

Would Chris Brown date patricia pulsakowska?

Who is Patricia Pulsakowska?

Would Chris Brown date Keyshia Cole?

Well i think that Chris Brown would have to do some serious thinking before he date her. That is my choice and that is what i think. Because i do not really like her. Again my choice.

Would Chris Brown date a 13 year old?

No because Chris Brown is 21 years old and Chris Brown would be arrested because the 13 year old is a child and Chris Brown is an adult. Celebrities don't date children. The possibility of there being a scandal and totally ruining their careers is too great a risk.

Does raven date Chris Brown?

raven symone likes chris brown

How many albums has Chris Brown sold to date?

I Love Chris Brown Hee Is So Hot!!!! I Would LOVE To Meet Him I LOVE YOUU!!!!

Will Chris Brown date any of his fans?

Chris brown might date one of his fans. But at the moment he is dating Rihanna.

Did Chris Brown and Rihanna used to date?

Chris and Rihanna used to date. Chris beat her up.

Who does Chris Brown date?


Did Chris Brown date a girl named Natalie?

Chris Brown and Natalie were best friends.

Who does singer Chris Brown date?

chris brown dated rihanna in 2008 threw 2009

Would Chris Brown date a 14 year old?

== == I DON'T THINK SO COZ HE COULD GET ARRESTED. why would chris date 14 year old that was a dum Q:

Do Chris Brown and Rihanna still date?

As of May 2011, Chris Brown and Rihanna are no longer dating.

Does Chris Brown date younger women?

no no

How do you get a date with Chris Brown?

you don't and never will

Who does jordin sparks date?

Chris brown