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Would Chris Brown go bungee jumping?

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go ask him on his myspace when he is on go ask him on his myspace when he is on

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What is the cost of bungee jumping equipment?

Bungee jumping equipment would cost about one hundred dollars, depending on how intense you want to bungee jump. If you are a casual jumper, then it should cost about one hundred us dollars.

Where is bungee jumping equipment available?

Adrenaline Dreams is one website that sells bungee jumping equipment. Another site that sells equipment is If you are not experienced with bungee jumping, it would probably be best for you to find a company that provides jump experiences rather than try to outfit yourself and try bungee jumping unsupervised.

Where can I purchase bungee jumping equipment online?

You can purchase bungee jumping equipment online on websites such as and but any other online store would be most relevant. I would most likely buy it from because I trust that website.

Has anyone ever been decapitated bungee jumping?

Possibly. Bungee was first used in tribal initiation ceremonies, by jumping off a scaffold. The legs were tied with vines. Problems would have occured. Nowdays though it is very very unlikely.

Why go head first in bungee jumping?

When bungee jumping, people go head first because the bungee cord is attached to their feet, and if they reamined in an upright position until they reached the end of the cord, it would flip them upside down with a very large amount of force. This would create a painful whiplash and greatly increase the risk of injury to the jumper, especially in to their spine.

How do you bungee jump?

If you want to bungee jump safely, then I would suggest doing it at a permanent station rather than a traveling place such as at a fair or something. You will then get in line at the bungee jumping event. Then they will strap some proper safety straps on you and you will jump from a platform.

If you call Chris Brown would he answer?

chris brown would call u if u sign in your contibutes

Name an extreme sport that many people would try?

skydiving, bungee jumping, snowboarding, skiing, rock climbing

Chris Brown and rihanna?

But you would get back with Chris Brown if he hit you. He's Rich and He would tell you to retire

What sport would you like to take up if you like being upside down?

GymnasticsDivingTrapezeBungee JumpingSkydiving

Can a 15 years old child allowed to do bungee jump in Nepal?

Yes, I saw a three year old go paragliding in France, so I think you would be allowed to go bungee jumping in Nepal.

If you could do something totally out of character and remain anonymous what would you do?

If one had a fear of heights, doing something totally out of character may include bungee jumping. People would be surprised by their decision to bungee jump because they are normally afraid of heights.

Would Chris Brown date a 16 yr old?

No Chris Brown would not date a 16 year old because he is 21 year old. The 16 year old is still a minor and Chris Brown is an adult. Chris Brown would get arrested for dating a 16 year old.

If you had a chance would you date Chris Brown?

No, me personally I would never ever date Chris Brown, but I know a lot of other girls who probably would!

If Chris Brown was not a singer what would he be?

a rapper

If Chris Brown could be any one who would he be?

Chris Brown would probably want to be Michael Jackson because Michael Jackson is his role model.

Beyonce and Chris Brown make a good couple?

Yes Chris Brown and Beyonce would make a good couple. They would make a cute couple.

Would chriss brown date a non celebrity?

ask chris brown!

Who would win in a fight Chris Brown or drake?

It would be Chris brown, drake is the WORST fighter ever so i say Chris if he can beat Rhianna i am sure he can beat drake any day.

Does Rihanna still have feelings for Chris Brown?

No Rihanna does not still have feelings for Chris Brown. Rihanna is now dating Matt Kemp and she has said she would love to marry him and she said she is over Chris Brown.

Can you talk to Nick Jonas or Chris Brown?

i would talk to chris brown because like i know every thing a bout him

Would Chris Brown chat with anybody?


Would Chris Brown date a 13 year old?

No because Chris Brown is 21 years old and Chris Brown would be arrested because the 13 year old is a child and Chris Brown is an adult. Celebrities don't date children. The possibility of there being a scandal and totally ruining their careers is too great a risk.

Any important influences of Chris Brown?

A couple influences of Chris Brown would be Areetha Franklin,Sam Cooke,and Micheal Jackson

Why would Chris Brown and Rihanna get back together?

They got back together because Chris brown wanted to surprize Rihanna for her birthday