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yes she is thinking of marry David Berry

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Who thinks Emma Watson and tom felton should date?

everyone who is a dramione fan

Is Emma Watson a baseball fan?

No she is not.

Does Emma Watson write back to fan mail?


Does Emma Watson read her fan mail?

Yes. She does. They all do.

Does Emma Watson have a pixie cut?

sadly she does. i was a huge Emma Watson fan, and then it kinda dropped when she got that cut. i loved her long hair!

What is Emma Watson's official fan Facebook?

The official fan Facebook for Emma Watson can be found in Sources and related links, below.

Does Emma Watson love Harry Potter?

Yes. Emma Watson is a fan of Harry Potter, having read all the books and starred in the movies.

Who is the world biggest Emma Watson fan?

Emily Hasted from Australia is her biggest fan there is no denying it!

Has Emma Watson read the fan mail?

Yes but she won't answer it. Her agents do that for her

Is there a world biggest Emma Watson fan?

Yep Emily Hasted!

Does Emma Watson have a fan club?

Yes, you can get it on the app store iPhone

How can you send a letter to Emma Watson as a great fan?

Write to her agent.

What is Emma Watson's official fan email address?

There is no known email address for Emma Watson at this time.

Does Emma Watson have a biggest fan?

Yes! Her name us Emily Hasted.

Could you please have Emma Watson's email address or information on how to join her fan club?

Click on the 'Emma Watson Fan Club' link on this page to learn more.

What is Emma Watson's official fan phone number?

An official fan phone number for Emma Watson is not known at this time.

What music does Emma Watson like?

Ask her, she loves fan mail look up her fan mail address. You may get a pic back!

Is Emma Watson a fan of Michael Jackson?

of course she is! everyone on this earth loves the king of pop <3

What is Emma Watson's official fan MySpace?

An official fan Myspace for Emma Watson is not known to exist. However, her official website includes links to her official fan Facebook and Twitter pages. See Sources and related links, below.

Would the Jonas borthers date a fan?

Yes. They would date a fan.

Dose Rupert Grint Emma Watson and Daniel Radcliffe have fan mail addresses let me know?

Yes, Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson, and Rupert Grint have fanmail addresses. They are:Emma WatsonPublic Eye Communications, LtdSuite 313The Plaza535 King's RoadLondon, SW10 OSZUKandRupert GrintHamilton Hodell20 Golden SquareLondonW1F 9JLUKandDaniel RadcliffeARG4A Exmoor StreetLondon W10 6BDUK

Would roc royal date a fan?

Yeah, roc royal would date a fan

Would any of the Jonas brothers date a fan?

yes they said they would date a fan in a magazine

Would jb date you?

He said he would date a fan.

Would Harry Styles date a fan?

Harry Styles has confirmed he is single and also would date a fan so he'll date a fan:)