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Yes. (Also depends what other zodiac signs influence each person the most.)

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Yes. Very good together. Aquarius is one of Gemini's best matches.

Gemini, Libra, Leo and Sagittarius are supposed to be the best.

It depends on how much the Taurus and the Aquarius love each other. Their star signs do not matter. I am a Libra and love a Taurus. We would be a great couple. He agrees!

A compatible sign for Gemini male is an Aquarius female or Libra female. Gemini females are good for them, too.

Aquarius goes best with other fellow air signs gemini, libra and aquarius. But we cannot base this fact only on astrology, you should give it a chance.

Yes. But remember, it's about their charts too and not just about the sun signs.

honestly, i think cusps in general are good for cusps. but try cancer-gemini. because a pisces best match is a cancer and an aquarius best match is a gemini. so it balances out. good luck.

Yes! Aquarius and Gemini - two happy people living in their own world. Air and air. stimulate each other, enjoy being together, and find plenty of common interests.

Astrology is meaningless. If you like the person, go for it.

I depends on what yours is... If you are an aquarius, you are good with- aries, leo, sagittarius, libra, gemini and another aquarius. If you are a pisces, you are good with- taurus, virgo, capricorn, scorpio, cancer and another pisces. If you are an aries, you are good with- leo sagittarius, aquarius, gemini, libra and another aries. If you are taurus, you are good with- virgo, capricorn, pisces, scorpio, cancer and another taurus. If you are gemini, you are good with- libra, aquarius, sagittarius, leo, aries and another gemini. If you are cancer, you are good with- scorpio, pisces, capricorn, virgo, taurus and another cancer. If you are leo, you are good with- aries, sagittarius, aquarius, libra, gemini and another leo. If you are virgo, you are good with- taurus, capricorn, pisces, scorpio, cancer and another virgo. If you are libra, you are good with- aquarius, gemini, aries, sagittarius, leo and another libra. If you are scorpio, you are good with- cancer, pisces, capricorn, taurus, virgo and another scorpio. If you are sagittarius, you are good with- aries, leo, aquarius, gemini, libra and another sagittarius. If you are capricorn, you are good with- taurus, virgo, cancer, pisces, scorpio and another capricorn. So it is basically the elements that are compatible: fire and fire or fire and air water and water or water and earth earth and eath or eather and water air and air or air and fire The zodiac lists about are either very high in compatibility or neutral.

they make a beautiful couple they just like different things in life I'm a Gemini n i go out with a Sagittarius n our relationship is good but not dhat much in life at times

Gemini are interesting acquaintances and easy to talk to. They are smart, witty, fast, and fun. Gemini are good at gathering information and processing it. They have many talents and abilities. However, Gemini are also inconsistent and you will not know what to expect from Gemini. Gemini go best with other Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius and do not get along with Virgo and Pisces.

YES. They make a perfect couple! I'm a Leo and my bf is a Aquarius and we make a very great couple! We are very social and all and yea so YES!

The best partner for Libra people are Aquarius people and Gemini people (its fellow air signs).

your birthday doesnt actually have anything to do with how people react to one naother

Gemini's are most compatible to Gemini, Aquarius, Libra, Aries, Sagittarius, and Leo (all masculine signs). But if a Taurus or Cancer has their mercury, venus, or mars signs in Gemini, then they're good to marry as well.

im a Gemini and my partner is a Gemini so i think we're good togetherit was my friend who wrote that ^^. Im a sagitarious and my partner of 8 months is a Gemini. we work great in bed.Leo and Gemini tend to have a harmonious relationship.Leo and Gemini tend to have a harmonious relationship.

Gemini and Aries can make a good couple as long as Aries does not try to rule Gemini and Gemini understand Aries need for closeness. Both signs tend to be cerebral and do a lot of over-analyzing, both love the ability to study and their interests are varied and many. However, Aries likes to be in control and Gemini runs from control.

any relationship can work it takes allot of effort and allot of love. A Gemini and an Aquarius would presumeably be harder but it's not impossible you really care for each other and are willing and ready to accept the faults and flaw's and understand that perfection is a lie then you will have what you need to start a stable long lasting relationship, good luck and good hunting babe.

They are an excellent couple. They are definetely made for each other. They are both also compatible with Taurus.

This isn't the best zodiac match for a couple. This isn't the best zodiac match for a couple.

According to the books it says that libra and Gemini are the most perfect match for each other. But be careful, don't listen to a book or website, follow your heart.

Leo can be good with Aries, Gemini, Libra, Sagittarius. But there are always exceptions.

Yes since they are both water signs and positive sign. Aquarius would make a great playmate and love match for Libra. They would get along very well. Both signs are playful and energetic.

No. You can go ahead and look it up but they will not work. Aquarius is too free and laid back and the Capricorn likes to be in control and set some type of boundries. Check it out for yourself. I have. It doesn't end good for either.

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