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It's possible.

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Q: Would Germany have won World War 2 if Hitler had not given so many resources to the Holocaust and how?
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Who ruled Germany during the Holocaust?

From 1933-1945 (which includes World War 2 and the Holocaust) Germany was ruled by Hitler.

What city in Germany did Hitler live in during the Holocaust?

Berlin, the German capital, though he did have a mountain retreat. Hitler, of course, did not think of that time as 'The Holocaust', which is the name given to that time by Jews. Hitler was trying to make most of the world subservient to Nazi Germany, partly by genocide of the Jews.

What is Adolf Hitler known for?

He is known for being the Chancellor of Germany during World War 2 and for being responsible for the Holocaust.

What happen in Germany during the world war 2?

The most obvious answers would be the reign of Adolf Hitler and the Holocaust.

What are ten key words about the holocaust?

Nazi, Germany, USA, World, Death, War, Jewish, Hitler, genocide, religion.

Who was the leader of Nazi Germany during World War 2 and whose hatred for the Jew lead to the Holocaust?

adolf Hitler

Did the world learn from what Hitler did and the Holocaust?


Who was the world leader that instigated The Holocaust?


Was Adolf Hitler a leader in World war 1?

No, Adolf Hitler was a leader in World War II.Adolf Hitlerwas the leader of theNazi Party. He waschancellor of Germanyfrom 1933 to 1945 anddictatorofNazi Germany(asFรผhrer und Reichskanzler) from 1934 to 1945. Hitler was at the center of Nazi Germany,World War II in Europe, andthe Holocaust. Hitler was only a soldier in World War I.

During World War 2 what dictator arose in Germany?

Adolf Hitler and he had started the Holocaust dictator with excellent oratory skills..

Why was the Holocaust possible?

When Hitler(leader of the Holocaust) became dictator of Germany, people were absolutely desperate!! Germany had just lost World War I, and they were losing money very fast. But Hitler took pride in Germany and reminded Germans they weren't filth. Slowly, he gained trust in them and they went along with everything he said. AND LOOK HOW THAT TURNED OUT!

What was Hitler known for in ww2?

He was head of the German Government and started WW2 and authorised the holocaust.

What motivated the Germans to conduct the Holocaust?

Hitler despised followers of the Jewish faith. He blamed them for the troubles Germany had been through, and blamed them for Germany's loss in World War I. Once he has persuaded the citizens of Germany and had complete control he had the Holocaust conducted.

Where did Hitler live during World War 2?

Braunau, Austria WRONG!!!!!!!! He lived in Germany during WW2 and the Holocaust. He was born in Austria.

Who was Adolf Adolph Hitler 2?

Nazi leader of Germany 1933-45, proximate cause of World War II and creator of the Holocaust

How did the Holocaust effect the world?

the holocaust effected the world by killing so many jews, because hitler had a mustache

How was the outcome of world war two connected to the holocaust?

The holcaust was part of World War II Hitler was the leader of Germany during WWII and he wanted to demolish all Jewish people, hence this was the holocaust. World War II ended the holocaust, one of the main goals of fighting the war.

What did Hitler do before the Holocaust?

Hitler spent time in Vienna as a painter, and he also was part of the German Army fighting in World War One. That experience helped set him on the path to his role as Germany's leader, and the holocaust.

What 3 factors helped cause the Holocaust?

Germany letting Hitler take advantage of them and Hitler wanting the world, Hitler blaiming others, and screwed up people and their minds oops sorry u said bad

Where did Germany strike first in the Holocaust?

surrounding places in germany --- The question confused the holocaust with World War 2.

What did Hitler cause?

He caused World War 2 and the Holocaust.

What happened when Hitler invaded Germany?

Hitler did not invade Germany. Hitler was the leader of Germany, who caused the Second World War by invading his neighbours.

What was Hitler's effect on the world?

hitler had cased world war II and the holocaust.

Who is the ruler during the Holocaust?

There were threee main powers.... Hitler was the leader of Germany, Mussolini was the leader of Italy and HiroHito was the leader of Japan --- Please don't treat World War 2 and the Holocaust as the same thing! The Holocaust took place during World War 2, but there was much more to World War 2 than the Holocaust. Japan, for example, was not involved in the Holocaust at all ...

What does World War I have to do with the holocaust?

Germany was in poverty and completely destroyed. Their government was terrible and they had no leader so Hitler took over and reunited the country and got Germany back into shape. And then he went physco.