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Would God still accept you for not believing in a certain religion but just believing in him?


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Here are opinions: * God isn't found in religion; he's found in knowledge understanding and tolerance. Religion is just there for control and profit. Pray to God and no one else. * God will accept you just the way you are, whether you choose to be a Lutheran, Episcopalian, Jehovah's Witness, Jewish, Catholic, or non-denominational. He'll accept you just as you are. Youjust need to accept Him through Jesus Christ (John 14:6). If you believe in God without hypocrisy and not from fear of punishment or expectation of rewards, then yes. Mark.7 [6] He answered and said unto them, Well hath Esaias prophesied of you hypocrites, as it is written, This people honoureth me with their lips, but their heart is far from me.


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I would call atheism counterculture, it is part of our culture to believe in a religion so not believing is against that cultural norm

No, however under certain circumstances I would say maybe. If you have a religion you identify with and feel spiritually connected to, then I would say stick with your own religion. If you are not a very religious person and adopting the religion of your significant other would allow you to get married or would allow their parents to accept the marriage, it might be a good idea. Provided that you feel somewhat connected to your guy's religion to begin with. If you convert and don't feel any connection to the religion you are converting to then that is disrespectful to the religion, the guy and yourself. Basically changing your religion for a guy is only a good idea if you are already leaning towards that religion and you are in a very serious relationship in which the guy or the guy's family would accept the relationship more if you made your devotion to the religion official.

Because anyone would be willing to accept any religion when it is presented by force and violence. Being murdered was their only other option.

I would say it is intolerance - with each religion believing that its own religion - and its believers - is better than the other.

It depends if you have a certain religion or not.... If so, you would pray to that God of your religion

They wouldn't. They didn't accept other religions as far as Christianity / Catholic.

I would say a "no" is used, and perhaps an explanation.

There are two major groups of individuals who do not accept Islam as their religion. 1) Those who have a different religion whose values they hold and are willing to defend. 2) Those who reject all forms of supernatural beliefs.

Believing in God is a superstition you do not need to belive in science it is up to yourself to prove any conclusions you come up with. The statement is flawed if you accept science you would not accept god - in the sense of an etheral being

They said that they would accept unconditional surrender under certain conditions.

Christianity is this-- Believe in the Lord Jesus Christ and you shall be saved. Its not a religion as we would commonly understand it. It is believing in God through Christ and that brings about a change in people. The history has its ups and downs but the religion teaches morals.

There are many different charities that accept car donations all over the internet. These charities vary in type from illnesses, religion, or veteran.

I was lead into believing that i was going to get a pay rise at work

It would depend on your religion and view of God. Many people believe that God does not make mistakes, so if he made gay people, and loves his creations so he would accept them.

in some cases of bleeding people they would use a knife to cut into a vein and let it run into a bucket believing this would help the body get rid of certain illness's.

Some religions conflict with certain religions that appears to be the culture of the area. By defying their religion and also their culture, and if you make a big deal out of it, you would be seen as a threat to the area. Therefore, the people in the area would try to remove you so you are no longer a threat.Another viewIslam religion never calls for enmity towards other religions. It is a basic Islamic principle that says: No compulsion in religion. everyone has full free will in believing in what faith he/she feels convenient with. Refer to related question below.

Yes. If we could convince the entire world to believe in one religion there would be a lot less religious conflict. The problem is that this would be nearly impossible. No matter what there would be a group of people who don't accept this "Universal religion". There would also always be a group of people who are no religion and there would be conflict between them and religious people.

No He sees all religions even the ancient ones as man made and restrictive of ones spirituality. He stated once on cnn that he has faith not religion which would indicate that he is spiritual and possibly god believing but not religious.

Followers or believers of a religion would generally be named after that certain religion. For example: People who believe in Christianity would be called Christians; Atheism- Atheists, Catholicism- Catholics, Buddhism- buddhists, Hinduism- Hindu, and so forth.

To an extent, I don't believe in god, science supported my beliefs, but without science I would still gave trouble believing the bible fairytale

Religious research is research that is written all about a certain religion. Like for instance Islam. Your research would be on the religion of Islam and it would include everything you researched. (mostly facts thought)

Saul would probably be the biggest incident of a person changing of a religion. Just in case, this Saul is not the king before David, this Saul is the man who changed is name to Paul after believing in Jesus, who he met on his way to Damascus

One reason a Roman might accept religion is that many Romans were poor, and the idea of a level playing field, at least spiritually, would appeal to poor people. Another reason is that the spread of rumors of miracles might feel exciting and new to people in less scientifically aware times.

Roman paganism which is what the religion of Ancient Rome was. It was a polytheistic religion with many gods and deities and people would pray to certain gods depending on what problems they had.

If a person has not found any religion to be plausible, that person would be described as a skeptic. If a person merely has never heard about religion (sounds impossible, but it would at least apply to very young children) then that person could be described as an innocent. You can call them Atheism, since probably they don't know which god to believe or worship , Atheism is more on believing "no GOD"

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