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Depends. If Bilbo had willingly given up the ring, Gollum might have been to distracted with the return of "His Precious" to hurt Bilbo. If Bilbo fought for it though, Gollum would without a doubt have killed him in some gruesome manner.

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Why did Bilbo play a riddle game with Gollum?

Because Gollum said that if Bilbo won he would show him the way out of the cave.

What will happen if Bilbo loses the riddle contest?

Bilbo would lose the bet and be eaten by gollum.

What would happen if Gollum won the Riddle game?

A. Bilbo would have killed Gollum with Sting (his sword) B. Gollum would have strangled Bilbo till he died then Gandalf would have risked his life to try to find him and then get captured or killed, the dwarves would have been attacked by the Wargs and then they would get lost and the whole quest would have ended tragicly

What are the riddle game rules in chapter 5 of the hobbit?

Anyone who couldn't guess the answer to the other person's question would have to pay a certain price: Gollum would have to show Bilbo the way out of the cave system is he lost, and Bilbo would be eaten by Gollum if he lost.

How does Gollum guess that Bilbo has his ring?

Bilbo and Gollum enter into a riddle game. While trying to think of a riddle, Bilbo is fiddling around in his pocket, and he happens to feel the ring he had just picked up. He didn't think much about picking it up, so, while, trying to come up with a riddle, he mumbled, "What do I have in my pocket?" In spite of this not being a proper riddle for the riddle game, Gollum accepted it and asked for and received 3 tries to answer it. He failed, then went back to get the ring from where he thought he'd hidden it (actually, it had fallen off without his noticing). When he saw the ring was gone and remembered Bilbo's odd question, he put 2 and 2 together and deduced Bilbo had the ring in his pocket.I believe it was when Bilbo couldn't come up with a riddle, so he thought out loud the question: "What have I got in my pocket?" After Gollum realized he didn't have his ring, he then supposed that it was, indeed, in Bilbo's pocket.Because Gollum found him and would not tell him the way out until Bilbo gave him the Ring and Bilbo would not give him the ring untless he answered the riddles correctly.Gollum and bilbo have a game of riddles, bilbo asks, "what have I got in my pockets?" He gives Gollum 3 guesses, and gollum guesses all three wrongGollum asks Bilbo what he does have in his pocket, and bilbo refuses to tell him, multiple timesGollum discovers HE, (himself), has lost the ring and goes into a state of panic. Gollum then remembers the riddle, "What do I have in my pocket?" and after guessing wrong he assumes it's the ring, and gollum tries to attack BilboHope this helpedJackI believe it was when Bilbo couldn't come up with a riddle, so he thought out loud the question: "What have I got in my pocket?" After Gollum realized he didn't have his ring, he then supposed that it was, indeed, in Bilbo's pocket.

How are Bilbo and Gollum different?

Gollum was first known as smeagul but once he found the ring and killed his brother he was then known as Gollum (he got this name when the ring took controlled of him and he started making the chocking noise sounding like the word Gollum). He had the one ring for hundreds of years giving him unnatural long life. He became fixed on the ring and would kill anyone who would take it like he tried to do to Bilbo once he noticed he had lost it. Gollum would not give the ring up easily and tried to take it from Frodo in The Lord Of The Rings. Bilbo had it for much shorter time, so part of his own mind was still in control and was not as obbsessed with the ring as Gollum, and was able to find the will to give it up and pass it on to his adopted heir, Frodo Baggins.

At the end of The Two Towers why did Gollum turn evil again?

Because Frodo deceived him into following him which resulted in Gollum getting caught by Farimir. Gollum didn't know that Frodo had to do it or Farimir's men would have killed him. This act by Frodo angered Gollum because he didn't' understand what was happening, and Gollum's bad side came back.

What would happen if Gollum met Smaug?

My guess is that Smaug would eat Gollum.

Why does Gollum go back to his island in 'The Hobbit'?

After the riddle game in The Hobbit, Gollum went back to his small under-ground island where he lived to retrieve his one precious possession, the One Ring. He was planning on putting the Ring on, thus turning invisible, and then he decided that he would sneak back, still invisible, and attack Bilbo and kill him. However, Gollum had left the Ring in the goblin tunnel, where Bilbo had found it, so of course the Ring was not on Gollum's island when he went in search of it.

What would happen if Gollum met Treebeard?

Treebeard will squish gollum.

Why doesn't Bilbo tell Gandalf and the dwarves about the magic ring?

There were two editions of The Hobbit that were written. Prior to the Lord of the Rings, the ring itself had no history, and so Bilbo actually did reveal that he obtained the ring from Gollum. Later, when the Ring's malevolent history was dabbled into, Tolkein realized Gollum would never give up the ring willingly, and re-wrote the chapter in later editions to reflect that Bilbo more or less stole the ring. Canonically, Bilbo told Gandalf and the Dwarves that it was a prize for winning the riddle game. Gandalf had his suspicions, however, and managed to get the true story from Bilbo much later. The fact that Bilbo would lie about the entire incident struck Gandalf as alarming, since Hobbits weren't prone to such things as lying. One might say that the reason Bilbo lied was due to the effect that the Ring was having on him.

What would happen if Gollum had met Wormtongue?

They would have probably become fast friends, and Wormtongue would have probably helped Gollum steal the ring. Then Gollum would probably have fought with Grima Wormtongue for the ring and Gollum would probably have killed Grima and won, but later die from internal bleeding because of the fight.

Who is Gollum and who is Smeagol?

Smeagol turns into Gollum when he kills his friend Deagol and takes the One Ring from him. Gollum was the name other hobbits would give him because he made that "gollum" sound in his throat. So the one we know as Gollum is born.

In The Hobbit Who said Thag you very buch?

That would be Bilbo at his birthday feast in Laketown. He had caught a cold in the river riding the barrels.

Who would win between Freddy Krueger and Gollum?

Freddy becuase Gollum has no powers not even in his sleep

What would happen if Gollum met Denethor?

Denethor would probably have Gollum put under arrest and question him about the ring and then they would fight each other for it.

What would happen if Eomer met Gollum?

Eomer would capture Gollum and make him his prisoner and release him but warn him not to make any treacherous plans

Words beginning with 'J' from The Hobbit?

The whole story is about a journey. There would be jumped, as when Bilbo jumped over Gollum. Jewels of course, as they sparkled in the dragon's lair. And there is the jug of wine that the head guard drinks and falls asleep on.

In 'The Hobbit' who is Gollum?

Gollum is a hunched, slimy creature who lived in the Misty Mountains. He is a wretched creature who only cares about himself and "His Precious" or the One Ring that he had come by. One would later find out if they read The Lord of the Rings books that he was once a hobbit himself names Smeagol.Gollum is a small creature, once a hobbit named Smeagol but corrupted by the power of the One Ring. In the Hobbit, Bilbo Baggins is lost in a cave and encounters Gollum with the Ring. Through a series of riddle games, Bilbo is able to steal the Ring from Gollum and escape the cave.Gollum, formerly known as Smeagol, is a Stoor Hobbit, a race of Hobbits who lived near the northern portion of the Anduin River. Stoor Hobbits are a bit larger than the Hobbits of the Shire and resemble Humans more than other Hobbits.After killing his cousin Deagol for the Ruling Ring, Smeagol took the Ring claiming it as his birthday present. He was then banished by his matriarchal grandmother after playing practical jokes on his village members by using the Ring.He found his way to the Misty Mountains and lived in a cave for over 400 years. His long life was a side effect of the Ring's power.Gollum is a creature that started out as a hobbit. After so many years in a cave with no light his facial features changed and that's why no one could tell he is a hobbit). He lives in a cave and eats fish and goblins. Bilbo finds the One Ring that Gollum had for so long in the cave and that's how he makes it out of the caves.

What would a Looney Tunes verson of the Lord of the Rings be like?

funny i guess Daffy would probally be Gollum because Gollum has a taste for a magic ring and Daffy has a taste for gold

Would Bilbo try to rescue the dwarves if they were still inside the mountain?

Yes, Bilbo would (didn't he?). For he is a trustworthy burglar.

What is the significance of Gollum's role in The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings?

Goodness!! Even though Gollum is a complete horrible nuisance, a stinker and a slinker in Sam's words, without him, The Ring would never have passed to Bilbo, and then it wouldn't have gone to Frodo, and he wouldn't have been able to destroy it, and even if Frodo did get The Ring to Mount Doom, Gollum wouldn't be there to wrestle it from him and plunge into the fiery depths, poor Frodo would have gone mad, and Sauron would get The Ring back eventually, which would probably kill Frodo, and even Sam, and the world would be destroyed, and everyone would be killed, and, and... etc.

Were gladiators ever spared?

If the gladiator had pleased the Roman emperor with his fighting skills after a fight, he would be spared by a thumbs up sign from the emperor

Whose real name is Bilbo Baggins?

"Bilbo Baggins" is the name of Bilbo Baggins. Unless you're asking for his untranslated Westron name, which would be "Bilba Labingi".

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