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Would Granada be interested in filming Ghostbusters spending the night in a grade 2 listed building?

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Already been done I'm afraid. I think it was called "Most Haunted - Live", or some such nonsense.

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A famous Moslem-built building in Spain?

The Alhambra in Granada, Spain. It is a magnificent structure.

How far is Granada city centre from Granada airport?

Granada City Center is 20 km from the Granada Airport. Granada Airport mainly handles flights to Madrid and Barcelona. The Granada Airport was opened in 1972.

What is the type of currency in Granada?


Is granada french or Spanish?

Granada is spanish

What is the home city of granada cf?

The home city of Granada CF football club is Granada.

How does Granada celebrate Thanksgiving?

Granada does not celebrate Thanksgiving.

Where can one find car hire deals at Granada Airport?

You can get a rental car from either a car rental company close by the Granada Airport or at a booth in the Airport building itself. When you have signed a contract, you will be handed a key, with that key you can get the car from storage.

How long is the drive from Gibraltar to Granada?

There are 158 miles from Granada to Gibraltar to Granada. It's about a 3 hour drive.

Where are Granada Hotel's located in Spain?

There are multiple Granada Hotel's located in Spain. An example is the Granada Hotel Alhamer which is located at Calle de Alhamar, 18004 Granada, Spain.

How do you say pomegranate in spanish?

La granada or una granada

When did Manuel Granada die?

Manuel Granada died in 1974.

When was Manuel Granada born?

Manuel Granada was born in 1896.

When was Louis of Granada born?

Louis of Granada was born in 1505.

When did Louis of Granada die?

Louis of Granada died in 1588.

What is the population of Granada plc?

The population of Granada plc is 4,700.

What is Granada plc's population?

The population of Granada plc is 31,000.

When was Granada Cathedral created?

Granada Cathedral was created in 1710.

When did Daniel Granada die?

Daniel Granada died in 1929.

When was Daniel Granada born?

Daniel Granada was born in 1847.

When was University of Granada created?

University of Granada was created in 1531.

When was Granada CF created?

Granada CF was created in 1931.

What is the area of Granada?

The area of Granada is 88 square kilometers.

How do you say pomengrate in spanish?

Granada means pomegranate in Spanish but... Pomegranates were named after Granada, NOT the other way around! Granada is an Arabic name from a LONG time ago, and when the French came to Granada (in Spain) they called the fruit Apple of Granada... pomme de grenade ( I think that is how they say Granada)= pomegranate! They grow everywhere around Granada. So there ya go, the fruit was named after the city!

What is the phone number of the Granada Hills Branch in Granada Hills?

The phone number of the Granada Hills Branch is: 818-368-5687.

Where is Granada?

It is at southern tip of Spain in the region of Granada, Andalucia, Spain.