Would I really be who I am if I really wasn't here?

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Yes and No, but not in that order.
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Is he really into you?

Answer . You will have to give us a little more information so please just post under this one.. Thank you.

How would you know if a boy is really in love with you?

It's the little things he does, kisses you on the cheek when he greets you, wins you things at fairs, holds your hand, knows how to make you feel better, remembers the little things, ext. If he tells you it all the time, and it sounds sincere it's true.

Would shocking a dog really train it?

Yes, it can and will train a dog if used properly. Dog Shock Collars can be used for a variety of training purposes, for obedience training, to deter barking, to keep your dog within your yard, or for hunting. it is important to remember that that Dog Training Collars don't train your dog, you do. Y ( Full Answer )

Do all questions really get answered here?

No; some are left unattended and are eventually forgotten. However, we still try our hardest to answer every single question; that's the goal of WikiAnswers.

How would i get rid of a really really bad cough?

Believe it or not, the easiest way to get rid of a cough is to put Vick's or any other vapor rub on the bottom of your feet and put on a pair of socks. Don't know why, but this works. I use it on my 14 mo. old granddaughter and it helps her sleep. I do two things to combat coughs, one is to take at ( Full Answer )

Can you really ask any question you want on here?

Well, that's an interesting question. In fact you're actually asking several questions there. My answer starts in the summer of 1912. Germany was in crisis. And hyperiniflation in 1923. I hope that helps.

Are we really here?

We don't know...I mean what if giants from above are watching us scurry around? What if WE live on a turtles backs---or we are in a dust particle?! For all we know we are nothing. Imagination. Lifelessness.

How would you no if people are really there for you?

Well in my opinion I think when they are telling you a really important fact about themselves and they trust you with it, you ask them if they trust you they'll probably say yes and then in my expierience they'll ask you the same question you say sure but just ask them questions like if this would h ( Full Answer )

How would you know if you are really in-love?

\n. \nI love this question. Really the best advice you'll ever get on this is: no-one really knows! Love is not something that can be measured or quantified. It is the most powerful emotion and most awesome force in the world. Not surprisingly, it can be a bit complicated.\n. \nI would say some gu ( Full Answer )

What would you do if your life really sucks?

If you think that life sucks all the time then you are depressed but if you only feel this way sometimes then you are most likley to be suffering from seasonal affective disorder...consult a doctor :'(

Why is the cold war called cold when it really wasn't a war?

Like the term "war on drugs" or "war on crime", or even the "war against poverty", etc. The "cold war" was actually an "arms race" (one upmanship on the each other)...but like the "war on crime or drugs" it was a CATCHY phrase and EASY to say (pronounce).

I really like this guy but hes not really into me what would you do?

Move on. Forget about him and find someone else. Its really hard to do trust me! I used to think it was impossible but Its not! Try to avoid him! Not look at him not think bout him and dont do things that remind you of him soon you will forget! Try It thats what I did Rofl -My Mascaras Too Expensi ( Full Answer )

Will the would really end?

the would could end theres a 50/50 chance it might but if it was to end only the important people on the earth would go on a huge ark PS if you want to live you will have to get there before your town ,city ends

Would a husband go back to the mistress if his wife wasn't giving him sex because she caught him cheating after he felt really guilty and bad about it?

I personally say yes because if your not giving him sex then he will go back to the women that he was having sex with because your not pleasing him. Therefore i would just divorce him and let him have all the sex he needs.!!!! Answer 2: I agree but I don't see divorce as inevitable. She seems lik ( Full Answer )

How would you know that you really love someone?

Love is an attitude that manifest itself in consistant actions. In theory this means that Love is not a feeling and occurs over a period of time. I agree with the above contributor. I can tell you it is not a spontaneous event. It comes over time, through trails and tribulation, good times and b ( Full Answer )

Is she really into you?

If she dunt put ur mind too it and she might give p and go out wid u x .

Where would you get rolls of really cheap paper?

How cheap? You probably coud get it from staples, wh smiths, waitrose ( more expensive but wonderful quality) or tesco/sainsburys! Why do you need rolls of paper?

You would really like to do barrel racing?

Start off with barrel racing lessons first if possible. If not possible, the second best thing would be to get some videos and books and study up on it. Then if you decide you really like it, try to get your hands on an older horse experienced in barrel racing. Depending on your previous riding expe ( Full Answer )

I'm going to sound crazy here today I went to walmart and I saw this really cute guy there and he was checking me out is it possible that if I prayed to god I would see him again?

Well, If you believe in God then that's great. Asking him and praying to him can make you feel a whole lot better. But no. People say God works in mysteries ways but let me put it this way... If there was a bomb in this store you were in the store. You pray to god that bomb wont go off but what is t ( Full Answer )

What is really really really dangerous?

Playing Russian roullette naked on top of a radio tower while an F5 tornado is coming straight for you and is spinning around 239 tons of lvl 1 acid. O and you just woke up after only 3 hours of sleep in 3 days and a terrorist wants you to eat his breakfast he made you then open his ticking gift. ( Full Answer )

What is really really really dangouros?

Wearing a banana hat while being chased by vicous and hungry monkeys at a bomb factory that is right next to a volcano that is about to erupt and this is in space and u have no astronaut suit and the planet is 100000000000... light years away from earth while having your hand glued to a very heavy a ( Full Answer )

How can you know that the answer here a really corrects?

you really can't know which is the right answer and which is wrong. You have to use, some times, your common sense and some times you have to research to support your answer. Books, notebooks, internet, even people can give you the information you need.

What if we wasn't really living our life right now?

There is possibility of us living in someother planet in someother age right now and lying there, dreaming about leading a life on this planet earth. We can not be certain whether we are actually living here or lying somewherelse and dreaming about living here.

Did Jesus really live here on Earth?

Catholic Answer Of course Jesus really lived on earth. He is certainly the mostdocumented historical figure in all of ancient history. Inaddition, He established a religion which survives to this day,more than two millennium after His death and resurrection.

When did the Paleo Indians really come here?

The Paleo Indians came here in the year of 5000 b.c. They came here searching for food and a place to stay.They started getting a lot of wooly mammoths in the ice age! They found a place to stay in a place called Minnesota! That's where i'm from! We are learning about it in school at Braham MN. Just ( Full Answer )

Nobody would answer me to that question honestly if I asked him. I suppose that the anonymity here would let people to answer honestly. Is it really true that everybody is attracted to the both sexes?

Yes. I posted this in answer to another question, but this is a very serious issue and the people have the right to know! If you are not attracted to both sexes, you may have a rare genetic disorder called Lou Gherig's disease. This disease can lead to many severe life long health issues, such as pe ( Full Answer )

Do people really care about the answers to the questions they ask here?

Some people do because its their homework and they're either too lazy to google it, or its some question google cant find (eg find the Ksp of PCl5 given blah blah). Then some people do it to troll, like this one guy who asked for all the words starting with "a"