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The poor because you don't have to have a building for church. You could have church anywhere. What the poor need first is Jesus. Some large churches are large simply to minister to the number of people who need Jesus. These churches aren't built to attract people; they attract people because of their commitment to Christ, and they need extra facilities to keep up with the demand. Too often the "poor" aren't all that poor. I'm sorry to say that, but I know of one individual who lives like a homeless person, yet she has a nice home and is independently wealthy. Many churches in this area direct the poor to a central location that serves as a clearing-house. We need to be careful that we don't get judgemental about the lavish churches; they could be ministering in ways that "poor" churches cannot. (I'll admit, though, there are plenty of these multi-bazillion dollar places that would be better torn down.

Jesus is long lead and it is pointless to ask what he would have approved of because nobody can answer that. Even if they could, why would you accept his personal opinion over your own judgement? He lived in a totally different time and country and your brain is a lot more developed than his would ever have been, make your own decisions in life, it's a lot better for everyone.

2009-06-29 15:07:32
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Q: Would Jesus approve of churches being worth millions or would He want that money to go to the poor?
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