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Probably not, because he is 16 years old.

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Would Nick Jonas date a 2 year old?

NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! that would be aleagal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Would Nick Jonas date a16 year old?


Does Nick Jonas date 10 year old girls?

nick Jonas problemly would date a 10 year old girl if she looks older than 10 years old and problemly would not date a 9 year old !

What does an 11 year old girl have to do to date Nick Jonas?

in my opinion i don't think Nick Jonas would date a 11 year old, but my guess is to not be someone your not, be yourself =D

Does Nick Jonas date 11 year olds?

he said he would date a fan so why not

What are the chances of a 9 year old female who is obsessed with Nick Jonas being dated by Nick Jonas?

The chances are ...... impossible... there is no way Nick Jonas would date a 9 year old, your too young for him.

If Nick Jonas was 20 would he date an 18 year old?


Would Nick Jonas date a 8 year old boy?

not a boy no

Would Nick Jonas date a 14 year old?

I hope so

Would Nick Jonas date an 18 year old boy?

no waay

Would Nick Jonas date a 10 year old yes or no?

no nick said he would date someone from early 1996 no younger than that

Would Nick Jonas date a 12-year-old?

yes he might

Would Nick Jonas date a 11 year old?

i guess if you won some sort of.. win a date with the Jonas brothers. but nick is going to be 17 on September 16th...

Can a 11 year old go out with Nick Jonas?

No, Nick Jonas wouldn't date a child.

Would Nick Jonas date a four year younger fan?

Nick Jonas has said before that he would date a fan:however, Nick is 15, going on 16 soon, so that fan would be 11 going on 12, so I doubt he would date someone that young.

Would Nick Jonas ever date a 13 year old?

yes.he would even date a 12 year old girl.

Would Nick Jonas date a girl who was born in the year of 1995?

It's up to him.

Would Nick Jonas ever Date a twelve year old?

Nick Jonas is a 15 y.o. male celebrity. It's very unlikely that he would date a 12 year old girl, or boy for that reason, as the question does not specify.

Can you be 13 years old and date Joe Jonas?

No because nick Jonas wouldn't want to date a 13 year old. plus nick Jonas sucks

Would Nick Jonas date a 12 year old born in 1996?

it`s possible

How old would Nick Jonas be this year?

Nick will be 17 this year.

Would Nick Jonas date a 10-11 year old?

Nick Jonas was born on September 16, 1992. At the age of 17 in 2009, he would be unlikely to date anyone more than a year younger than he is, as it would be inappropriate (and potentially a legal problem).

Can Nick Jonas date a twelve year old girl?


How do you date Nick Jonas if you are 12 year old?

you dont

Would nick Jonas date a girl two year young then him?

Nick could date whoever he wants older or younger. he is more likely to date someone that is around his age