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The child should be on real (as in, DOCTOR PRESCRIBED) medication. Self-medicating with caffeine is just asking for trouble.

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How does giving a dog a shower with coffee help?

It doest :|

Can dogs have coffee?

Coffee was intended for humans, and certainly should be avoided giving to dogs. If a dog has drank coffee, just monitor them for strange behavior. Small amounts shouldn't hurt them, but giving them coffee should generally be avoided. If you have any more questions or notice strange behavior, you should consult a veterinarian.

Is Sheetz open on Christmas?

Yes. They are giving away free coffee.

What actors and actresses appeared in Giving Back - 2010?

The cast of Giving Back - 2010 includes: Marina Coffee as Ruth

What purpose does a coffee filter serve?

A coffee filter traps larger dirt particles. It allows water to flow through and traps the larger dirt, giving you pure water and better tasting and healthier coffee.

Is there a coffee really made from feces?

Kopi Luwak is an Indonesian coffee made from the faeces of a Luwak (a small cat-like creature). The Luwaks eat the coffee cherry along with the coffee bean inside it. The coffee bean passes through the Luwak's digestive system undigested and can be found in their faeces. It is said that the bitter taste of the coffee bean is removed by the Luwak giving a sweet tasting coffee.

Does drinking coffee count as drinking water?

Not in any way, shape, or form does coffee count as water. Coffee is great for waking you up, and giving you energy when you want it, but nothing can replace what water gives you. Water gives you essentials that you have to have to live. HOPE THIS HELPS!

Where can one find Keurig coffee maker reviews?

The viewpoints website has reviews on many home appliances, including Keurig coffee makers. They score the product as well as giving an estimated retail price.

How did the Nazi's prevent panic at the death camps?

by giving them soap and towels and telling them coffee was being served after taking a shower...

What are some good franchise coffee companies that may have job opportunities available?

There are various job opportunities at franchise coffee companies. Some good franchise coffee companies that may have job opportunities are Gourmet Giving, Nestle Toll House Cafe, Classic Rock Coffee Company, and New York Bagel Cafe & Deli.

What kind of coffee can kids drink?

well if you are worried about caffeine then decaffinated but if you arent then anything really...i would recomend not giving children coffee because it stunts their growth and rots their just messes them up.

Does coffee stay fresher in the refrigerator?

No. When you chill coffee you condense the moisture in the air in the bag, and draw the condensation out of the beans/grounds. As you warm the beans/grounds they will not reabsorb all the moisture. The flavor will stale, and when subjected to hot water the acid and oils will be released in concentration giving the coffee an overdone flavor.

Do twins normally skip a generation in families?

It is possible to have multiple sets of multiples, and giving birth to multiples can also skip a generation. Hyper ovulation (the tendency to release multiple eggs during ovulation, increasing the chances of conceiving fraternal twins) is a factor in giving birth to twins.

Is coffee irreversible?

The process of coffee cooling down and giving up heat to the environment is irreversible since the available heat in the environment will never re-heat the coffee. I believe the process of mixing coffee grinds with hot water is also irreversible. Theoretically it would be possible but i think you would have to do work on the system to separate the two which would make it irreversible.

Where can I read a review on the k cup coffee maker?

There are many different places to read reviews on the web. I suggest looking at the product page on Amazon for the k cup coffee maker, as it has 1156 reviews, giving you a wide array to look at.

What is CSS responsible for?

CSS is responsible for giving websites structure. It is used to influence multiple HTML elements at a time, and is trusted to make websites appear as the developer planned on multiple browsers and platforms.

How do you get a cesare?

A C-section is used if a woman is giving multiple births or if there are labor complications that can possibly be life-threatening to the mother and/or child.

What are the effects of caffeine on the body?

It depends on how much caffeine you have. Caffeine increases the speed of your heart rate and it can cause heart problems. As you probably know, most adults drink Coffee when they are tired. Coffee contains caffeine. By drinking coffee (consuming caffeine) it increases your heart rate and speeds up your body, giving you a burst of energy. Hope this helped ;)

Was pure coffee on ration in the UK during World War 2?

It was rationed but mostly unavailable to the general populous. Coffee and chocolate were a rare commodity in the UK. The US had much more of it. The Brits and American has ersatz coffee which believe me was horrible. Most just drank tea. The real coffee went to the troops on the war front. One soldier admitted they drank a ton of it to have something to drink and to stay away during battles and watches. They were very grateful to the people on the home front for giving up coffee for them.

Why is that coffee creamer called coffee mate?

Because it goes so well with coffee, like its coffees mate, as if the coffee were a feeling thing and was lonely and was hooked up with E-Harmony by someone whose traits are a perfect compliment to coffees and make it a perfect harmonious blend. But coffee doesnt feel because it is an inanimate object. By giving it athropomorphic qualities, we can be witty and clever and if you are not an imbecile that doesn't get it, than calling something coffee mate seems humorous and makes you want to buy it. If you are an Imbecile, you send a question to and ask why a company named its product a certain name.

How to Select a Coffee Service For Your Office Break Room?

Coffee is important to keep those eyes awake, due to its strong caffeine content. This is the reason why all offices have a coffee machine or coffee service in their break room. Whenever employees feel tired and sleepy, then can just sip a cup of coffee to re-energize and stay awake. Having a coffee service is necessary. However, selecting the service is not as simple as that. You need to check every now and then to see if it is time to change the coffee service in your break room, especially if your employees are getting tired of the same old taste of coffee they drink every day. Here are some ways on how to select a coffee service for your office break room. • Go to your office break room and take a cup of coffee. Take time to observe your employees as well. You’ll realize that this is going to be a worthwhile experience, because you will be able to put yourself in your employees’ shoes as you taste the coffee from your coffee service. Is the coffee bland or too thick? Do your employees seemed to be satisfied, or they are just forced to drink it since they’ve got no choice? Observe, and you will be able to draw a solution from your observations. • Review the general maintenance rendered monthly by your coffee service. Is your coffee service provider giving you a monthly general maintenance to check their facilities? You should also check if the coffee machine is frequently broken every month. A good coffee service provider should always see to it that their machine is working perfectly and does not cause any problems. • Choose from a variety of coffee service providers. Do not just limit yourself to one coffee provider. Rather, you need to have multiple choices so that you can compare each of the services of these coffee service providers. When selecting a coffee service provider for your office break room, it is good to consider the comments and suggestions of your employees. It even helps handing out some survey forms to give you some ideas.

How do you move the black pluffle on mission 2 in club penguin?

You need to make it happy by giving it one of the cookies in the coffee shop. (I think that's right...) :D

Is it harmful to drink coffee if you have Attention Deficit Disorder - ADD?

it wouldn't be harmful but caffeine in coffee is a stimulant and would not impove the behaviour! actually, people that are ADD/ADHD-PI: attention deficit hyperactive disorder(predomaintly inactive) are not hyperactive naturally so giving them coffee would probably make them hyper like anyone else, HOWEVER for some reason when you give ADHD(THE HYPERACTIVE TYPE) people coffee it calms them down

Does coffee help plants grow?

If you mean giving your garden and houseplants a drink of coffee instead of water every so often, then no, coffee will not give them the 'kick' it gives us humans. Do not give coffee or tea with sugar and/or milk to plants as you'll get bugs and fungus problems and a nasty sour milk smell. Cold plain coffee or tea won't hurt from time to time.Plain composted (rotted) coffee grounds make excellent fertilizer, however. It has a natural anti-fungus thing to it and also helps keep the soil moist.p.s. tea works about the same. (regular, black, green, white and herbals)

Why was william a good king?

William who? There have been dozens of kings called William in multiple countries.Please re-ask the question giving more information.

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