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Airsoft guns are a distractive weapon in the world. when a 10 years old i am facing many problem.then i am faced airsoft explotion .then this time every people want to save there life.I am saved my life.ITprovide huage sound

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yes ,if 10 give only pistols. If 12 and up can get better more painful guns.

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Q: Would a 10 year old who likes war like airsoft guns?
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Are airsoft guns the same as bb guns?

No. Airsoft is a type of sport like paintball so airsoft guns you can shoot people. but please shoot responsibly.

How do you research airsoft guns?

The best place would be to search on the internet. Use a search engine like google or yahoo. You could also go to a library and look for books on airsoft guns.

Are airsoft guns for airsoft wars?

Airsoft firearms represent the most authentic and efficient means of participating in airsoft skirmishes. In contrast to paintball markers, airsoft guns are meticulously crafted to closely emulate the appearance and tactile sensations of their real counterparts, rendering them ideal for simulating a lifelike battle environment. Moreover, they are engineered to discharge plastic BB projectiles, enhancing safety and precision when compared to alternative airsoft weaponry.

Are airsoft guns legal in West Virginia?

Yes, i'm 14 and i own 4 airsoft guns.. As long as its on your property and not like in a city

What would be the purpose behind Airsoft guns?

Airsoft guns are used for shooting games. Pellets of air are shot at other players in order to hit opposing players. It is used as game for people who like to shoot.

What does an airsoft gun look like?

what does a .357 magnum revolver looks like?

Should you buy an airsoft gun from amazon?

See related link " Firearms, Weapons, and Knives Policy". You MAY sell airsoft guns on Ebay, BUT it is a restricted practice, and certain criteria must be met first.

Where are Airsoft Guns illegal?

Big cities, like Chicago and NYC.

Do they sell halo air soft guns?

No, they do not. The only way to get an airsoft gun that looks like something from Halo would be to have someone make a custom weapon out of an existing airsoft gun.

What do teenage boys like?

they like mostly foot balls or airsoft/bebe guns

Are bb guns illegal in France?

BB guns and airsoft guns are legal, but it may be illegal to transport them, especially to handle them if they are looking like 'real' guns.

Are there any jobs to do with Testing Airsoft weapons in the UK?

If you were an Engineer for a company that would be the closest thing. Airsoft guns generally don't need testing, like actual firearms, and any testing would be done in the company, not publicly.