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2005-01-27 01:55:35
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Would a 1998 Honda Accord V6 with 140 thousand miles qualify for a free EGR valve replacement because of a factory recall?


What do you do if your iPhone exploded?

See if you qualify for a free replacement.

Why i believe i qualify for the job?

Maybe because you do qualify for the job.

If income is seven thousand dollars do you file taxes?

In your situation you probably would want to file the federal 1040 income tax return because you could possibly qualify for some of the tax credits if you qualify for them and IF this income is qualified earned income for the tax credit purpose.

Who does make patio umbrella replacement canopy?

The Market Umbrella Shop has several sized, colors, patterns of replacement canopies for sale that are treated with 3m scotch guard. Orders may qualify for free shipping

How do I find a reputable windshield replacement dealer?

Ultimate Glassworks actually offers a very good product for windshield replacement in the Phoenix area. You may even qualify for a substantial rebate under certain circumstances.

Why you think you qualify for this position?

because i am responsible person

If you lost your business do you qualify for unemployment?

No. Because you were in total control of your business/income and therefore not an out of work wage earner, you would not qualify for unemployment.

Why is England not playing in Euro 2008?

because England didn't qualify

Why a myth cannot qualify as a scientific law or theory.?

Because they differ

Why is it important to qualify a claim?

Because people can reasonably disagree with claims

Why would you qualify for scholarship?

You can qualify for a scholarship for several reasons, one is because you may qualify for financial aid, another is your acedemics are very good, and in some occasions like college you may ne good enough to get a sports scholarship.

Buy A Replacement Battery For Your Cell Phone?

Cell phones are nice, but they seem to outlive their battery. Rather than keep your phone plugged in all the time, why not shop for a replacement battery instead? Replacement batteries are sometimes expensive, but they are usually less expensive than buying a new phone. Even if you qualify for a trade-in phone purchase, you might want to buy a replacement battery anyway if you really like the phone you have now.

What insulation number does a home replacement window have to have to qualify for the tax credit?

In order to quality for a federal tax credit, home replacement windows must be the "R" value requirement. These are denoted by the energy star symbol on the windows in which the U-Factor and SHGC is less than 0.30.

Can an heir at law qualify to be an administrator?

Yes. An heir at law is one of the few entities that do qualify. A creditor can also qualify.Yes. An heir at law is one of the few entities that do qualify. A creditor can also qualify.Yes. An heir at law is one of the few entities that do qualify. A creditor can also qualify.Yes. An heir at law is one of the few entities that do qualify. A creditor can also qualify.

What part of speech is the word qualify?

The word qualify, or more properly to qualify, is a verb.

Why is there no One Republic category on WikiAnswers?

There is no "One Republic" category on this site because there aren't enough questions to qualify. To qualify for a new category there should be close to 400 questions of the subject.

How do you qualify to be a doctor?

how do you qualify to be a medical doctor

how to qualify?

how to qualify for small business grants

Do you qualify for unemployment insurance because you quit your job in Virginia to move to Texas to follow spouse?


Is there a human organ that starts with the letter r?

I think Retina would qualify because they can be donated

How does the Ohio state flag differ from the other state flags?

It does not qualify as a flag because of the shape.

What contradicts that Pluto is not a planet?

because pluto is to small to qualify as a planet therefore it is only a star

How do you qualify for house arrest in Illinois?

get the house to rob a bank? I think because my mate rob did it

Why is it important to classify organisms?

Because it is important for us to qualify our own rights knowing about science.