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thet are infact the same engine. all you have 2 do is eather do away with the tbi set up or change your intake and carb to the tbi intake and tbi

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Would a 350 transmission fit a 88 firebird?

with some modifications and a torque arm mount on the tail shaft, also a different driveshaft

How much do jet engines cost?

It depends on the power of the jet engines. The normal cost would be atleast 1 million dollars for a reasonably good power engine. There are also engines less than that cost.

Scientists who study energy are called?

A scientist would probably be a physicist or a chemist, but engineers can also study energy, and designing heat engines would be an engineers job. A specialist in this field would be a thermodynamicist.

What's is the biggest engine you can fit into a 2000 Pontiac Firebird 3.8 just doesn't cut it?

A 350 will easily fit but you could install a larger engine with major modifications. Stick with a 350 which was the optional engine in Firebirds. You will have to change the ECU also, so a donor car would be the easiest. If I were in your shoes, I would sell this Firebird and purchase one with a 350 already installed. You would be money ahead in the long run.

How would a plane fall if its engines failed?

That All Depends On What Type Of Aircraft, A Large Airliner E.G 747, 757, A380 , A340 ect Would Not Just Fall From The Sky, In fact These Aircraft Can Keep On Gliding (Without Engines) For A very Long Time. Although A light Aircraft E.G. Grob, Cessna ect Would Also Glide, But Not For Long! After Loosing Speed From The Lack Of Engines The Aircraft Would Simply Pitch Down (Point Towards Ground).

Why do all World War 2 carrier planes have radial engines?

They didn't. All American carrier planes had radial engines but some Japanese and British aircraft had liquid-cooled engines, also planes built in Germany for their carrier which was never finished had liquid-cooled engines. Radial engines were used in most cases because they were more rugged than other engines, a pilot would only need to watch his oil pressure gauge whereas using a different engine he would also have to check his coolant, and a single bullet in a liquid-cooled engine could cause it to seize up in a short time.

How many miles per gallon can a 2000 Pontiac firebird get?

the miles per gallon would depend on if the car has a v6 engine or a v8 engine...and also if its an automatic transmission or manual transmission..but most of all it would depend on you drive it, weither you take off with your foot to the floor or not..i have an older v6 it averages 18 mpg in town and around 22 to 26 on the highway...depending on how i drive i would assume that a 2000 firebird should get somewhere close to that.

How do you connect 2 V8 engines together inline?

You would have to have a coupler made to connect one crankshaft to the other. Then you would have to find out at what degrees the crankshafts should be for a smooth operation. Of course, they would still have separate ignition and fuel systems. You would also have to make sure that engine #2 (whose crank shaft connects to the transmission but sits behind engine #1) is able to handle the torque output of both engines combined.

When should you use a metasearch engine?

You should use a metasearch engine if you need more results than you would from a regular search engine. You can also use certain metasearch engines like Ixquick or StartPage if you are concerned with privacy. Metasearch engines are usually not search engines themselves. They redirect traffic to actual search engines and then return the results. That can help privacy since the largest search engines record the details of your search. If you use a metasearch engine, then all the large search engines would have is that the metasearch engine performed a search on their sites using whatever terms at whatever time. If the metasearch engine doesn't record your search details, then it would be harder to trace the search back to you.

When did the Pontiac Firebird go out of production?

The Pontiac Firebird was produced between 1967 and 2002. The car went through 4 generations in it's life time and was also related to the Firebird Trans Am.

What is the proper order I also would like or I would also like?

Both are fine. 'I would also like' is more commonly used.

What happends to acceleration if you double the force being applied?

Then the acceleration would also double.Then the acceleration would also double.Then the acceleration would also double.Then the acceleration would also double.

What kind of car engines are the most environment friendly?

There are a few kind of environmentally friendly car engines. The first would be an electric engine, because it uses no fuel and is simply charged. Another is a hybrid engine, which uses fuel as well as electric or hydrogen. There are also compressed air engines (which are more environmentally friendly than electric) and solar energy engines.

What would the world be like without Google?

Well, instead of Google, people might create different search engines. They might also just use Wikipedia, it's full of information!If you were talking about, "What would the world be like without search engines?"The answer is is simple. Books. Books contain more knowledge sometimes even more than Google.

Broadcast ip for

You would also have to know the subnet mask.You would also have to know the subnet mask.You would also have to know the subnet mask.You would also have to know the subnet mask.

Could the Titanic have escaped its fate if it had collided with the iceberg head on?

It is believed that had the Titanic hit the iceberg head on that it would have avoided the sinking. There is also another theory that it would have made it if they had not reversed the engines which caused it to slow down and made the turn harder to make.

What is the difference between a firebird formula and a firebird trans am?

Badging and appearance items mainly but, the ws6 handling and performance package was also only available as a TransAm.

Two twin-engine planes like the Cessna 3l0 and derivatives normally function with the engines counter-rotating at least once they are at cruise altitude also do the engines run in synch?

Twin engine aircraft do not have counter-rotating engines. While this would make sense from an aerodynamic engineering point of view, it would greatly increase the complexity of the aircraft, having to design and produce two completely different engines for one aircraft. The engines do not run in synch per se, but once at cruise speed and altitude, the pilot will make minor adjustments to reduce any excessive wave-harmonic vibrations.

Why are airplanes faster than cars?

airplanes have huge engines unlike cars the also run on a better type of fuel than cars but jet fuel would ruin a car

Is fuel additives safe for a motorcycle?

The opinions on this vary but most people would say that if the additives are safe for car engines then they are also safe for motorcycle engines. Normally, all you need is to clean the carburetor from time to time, fuel additives hardly play an important role.

Is a 68 firebird subframe same as 68 Camaros?

Yes it is, the nova is also useable in the camaro or firebird,I put a 73 nova subframe under my 68 camaro.

Given that the density of water is 1000 kg m3 what mass of water does the tank contain?

You would also have to know the volume of the tank.You would also have to know the volume of the tank.You would also have to know the volume of the tank.You would also have to know the volume of the tank.

Is there a difference between the firebird and Camaro cars?

Yes. The biggest difference is their looks. If you take care to get the trim package that matches engines and performance accessories, there isn't a large performance difference, although the firebird is slightly longer and about 50-60 lbs heavier. The firebird looks much more over-the top like a fast car. The camaro looks much more sleek and stylistic than the firebird. Also, the camaro has slightly more trunk space. However, since they are both F-Body GM performance cars, with the same engine, tranny,etc... they are very, very similar.

Contractions for they would?

The contraction for "they would" is "they'd," which is also the contraction for "they had."

Can you put a 5.5 hp 110 on a stand up gas scooter?

That is possible, but it will be very difficult and will require some major welding and designing. Are you talking about the horizontal 110 cc 4 stroke pit bike style engines with gears? I would like them to make a scooter with one of those engines myself. You could do about 55 mph or more with that set up. But it would be hard to do. You would need to also change the sprocket thickness on the scooter's rear wheel. But I believe it is possible.