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As for additional mods necessary to make the modified engine live check out the posts at There is alot more needed (modification wise) than just swapping out the pulley and belt. Attention must be paid to other components in the system for reliability. Decreasing pulley size increases compression and heat -both are detrimental to engine life. Many people have gone down this road and walked home -learn from their mistakes. "Keep this in mind -The need for exhaust mods and cooling increases as the pulley size decreases." Also "the transmissions are the weak link in these cars and need serious attention if you have high HP # dreams" Hope this helps "G"

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โˆ™ 2007-04-23 14:03:12
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Q: Would a 2k gtp run ok with only a cai and a 3.5 pulley as mods using 93 octane gas?
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