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Would a 96 KIA sephia frntwd one point eight liter engine fit in 97 KIA sportage rwd with two point 0 liter engine?


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2007-03-11 20:28:42
2007-03-11 20:28:42

No, unfortunatley it will not.

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it should ,they are both the same engine,the only thing that would hesitate me would be the connection harness to sensors and computers.

no you do not need to, but if you are rebuilding the engine i would.

It varies with what part of the country you live in. Call a couple of local garages for estimates.

If the engine is an R2, RF or HW diesel engine, it would cost about USD 1,300. in the Philippines where i had my engine completely rebuilt, it cost me that much. what was not replaced was the engine block and the crankshaft only that required a USD 400 to reface. to buy a used one on an "as-is" basis, would cost almost the same plus the mechanic's fee that would be about USD 300.

I would love to help you but i have a 2000 sephia, also check our website, I am sure we can help you there. :)

Your 2000 kia sportage would not accelerate and eventually went dead what could the problem be?

What would cause the timing belt to break twice in 1 month on a 2000 Kia Sportage?

I had a similar issue with my 2000 sportage. Eventually my check engine light came on - a mechanic told me I needed a new gas cap. In actuality, the short hose from my gas cap to the tank had become worn and leaky - cheap fix.

you have bubbles in the tires you need to get a wheel balance 1st and 2nd wheel allignment if it still plays up or the engine is loose / old = more expsensive

because you turned it on. The Kia sportage has an econ button, if you push it the power button lights up.

The battery in my 1995 kia sephia had to be placed replaced and now I noticed water marks on top of brand new battery. What would cause the battery to overcharge?

stuck thermostat, not enough antifreeze in radiator, leaking hose, are the usual. then it would be blown head gasket, not enough oil in engine, electric fans not coming on.

then i would seriously look at the timing belt for wear or belt tension. I guess you could have some really bad gas , too. Check your oil lately ?

On my 2002 sportage 2-door, the door ajar light stays on when the tailgate is not locked. with the key.

Because the ignition switch is defective. If not, then you may be be "dieseling" - meaning run on of the engine - that is BAD and you have to find out why it is doing that - usually something is misadjusted in the engine's carburetor or fuel injection system (usually a mechanical control)

There could be a few causes for a car to spit and sputter on acceleration. One common cause would be the engine not getting enough fuel, so it could be a problem in the fuel line, fuel filter, or fuel pump.

i would defiantly start by changing the fuel filter

The best value for money SUV would definatly be the Kia Sportage

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