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if convicted of dwi insurer can deny coverge for named insured and spouses cars if no lienholder.

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Q: Would a DWI affect the coverage of your insurance?
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How long will a DWI affect your insurance in NY?

In the state of New York, a DWI will affect your insurance for a period of 40 months. However, you really can't be driving when you lose your license because of a DWI anyway.

How long does a DWI affect your insurance in CT?

Depends on your insurance company's policy.

What is the purpose of a DWI car insurance?

DWI or DUI car insurance is simply car insurance for those who have a DWI or DUI offense on their driving records. These people are perceived as a higher risk by the insurance industry, so these policies are more expensive and offer less coverage.

What happens if the driver gets a DWI on your insurance?

It depends from state to state, but it probably shouldn't affect your insurance.

Does full coverage insurance cover vehicle if driver is charged with DWI?

If you were in an accident yes it would, if you are talking about having insurance to cover criminal charges and fines, I'm pretty sure that is illegal.

My friend was driving my car and got a DWI when she asked what insurance it would affect the officer said it would affect the car owner's insurance and not hers' the driver's Is this true?

No. Driving records follow the driver, not the car. Unless your friend is listed as a driver on your insurance then your insurance company is never going to find out about this/isn't even concerned with this.

Insurance after a dui?

No. If you have any DUI's or DWI's on you record, you would be seen by the insurance companies as a driving risk and would not get low rates.

How do you get a DWI off your insurance?

Individual insurers set time limits for DWI, DUI and other driving offenses that increase the cost of coverage in some cases the overall driving record of the individual applies. The best option in finding out when the penalty expires is to contact your insurance agent.

How can I get low cost auto insurance if I have a DWI on my record?

You can go to to search for auto insurance by checking the DWI box.

Can you sell life insurance if you have a DWI?


If your friend received a DWI in your vehicle will that affect the rates on your insurance?

I work at an Insurance Agency in Michigan, and I know in this state you're insurance would NOT go up. Insurance goes by a person's own record to determine their insurance premium on their own vehicle. If the person with DWI gets insurance, it will show on their record, which would make their insurance higher. It may not show up on your record but it sure speaks volumes about your level of stupidity, to allow a person to drive YOUR car while drunk. What if that person had KILLED somebody, with YOUR CAR? In that case, your insurance company would drop you like a slimy dead fish, and you would be ON YOUR OWN. No insurance coverage, and if you were to be convicted in a civil trial, you could be working for the REST OF YOUR LIFE to pay off the trial jury's award to the dead person's kin. MILLIONS of dollars, and you would own all of the debt. You would never be able to own a house, and your kids would own the debts after you die.

If you are under someones insurance and get a dwi does their insurance go up?

Only if you had an accident that their insurance had to pay for.

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