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in most cases yes. you might have to block off egr ports or something of that nature but they make the plate that bolts on to cover that port. i put the same set up on a 350 out of a caprice and it runs great. if you still need the egr you will just need to hook up a vacuum hose. in most cases they don`t pop your hood at an emissions check so using the egr is up to you.

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Are manifold flow restrictors necessary 1976 Corvertte L82 350 with a four barrell carburetor I have an Edelbrock performer manifold and 600 carburetor experiencing stalling on low idle when hot?

With the intake and carb you are running you are fine on flow. It's all in your carb adjustment. You may have the idle set too low, the floats too high and it's flooding out, could be the wrong size primary jet size. A lot of guys swear by them, but I never had much luck tuning an Edelbrock carb.

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