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YES.....Even if you did give him the answer he wants ......PARTICULARLY if you give him the answer he wants. Reality has little imact on the narcissist, only their ever-present and rapidly changing needs or drives. Keep reading (over and over)the several good books on Narcissism until you understand how someone different from yourself thinks and behaves.

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At about what age does one normally begin to stop showing signs of narcissism if they are not really a narcissist?

You are saying at what age do they stop showing signs of narcissism but they can't because you are saying they are not really a narcissist so how can they!

There's a missing number in this sequence but we're not saying where the missing number goes?

There's a missing number in this sequence, but we're not saying where the missing number goes. 10.8 5 8 9.33 8 5.67 Neither am I.

What does the saying Vanished into thin air by Othello mean?

Disappear without a trace

What is Amy Lee saying on 'Missing' in the background?

She's saying "Can you stop the fire? Can you stand to fight her? You can't stop the fire. You won't say the words."

What would be a good response to indoctrination?

A good response to indoctrination is not getting involved in what the captors are saying

What is the difference between reply and response?

When you reply to something you are saying something as a result of somene saying something else. Your response to something is what you do, ever saying, thinking or acting as a result of somene elses actions,ever saying something or doeng something.

What is another way of saying narrowly avoiding?

Just missing.

How do you deal with your narcissist ex cheating on you with a girl that work with him?

You are saying narcissist ex. If he is your ex he is not cheating on you and why would you care if he is your ex. Forget about this and move on with your life. If you think that this is cheating on you - better think again and also know that this will go on and on.

How do you change narcissist into a loving person?

You cannot change a narcissist. That's like saying how do you change a snake into a bear. They use other people who are taken in by their performance. Get away while you can still run. If you think you can change a narcissist then you are setting yourself up as the perfect prey. While you are trying to change the unchangeable he will be using you up.

How do you stop a narcissist?

If you think that you can stop them from being a narcissist there is no cure for these people. If you don't like what they are doing or saying there is nothing that you can do as this is what narcissists do throughout their whole life. If you feel the least bit uncomfortable or uneasy with them you should end the relationship as it only gets worse.

If a narcissist discovers you've been talking about them and exposing them and they email wanting to know why you have been attacking them is it better to express yourself honestly or ignore them?

i would express myself honestly and state or better yet explain why i said the things i have been accused of saying or if the accusation is false i would make sure i make the narcissist understand that he or she is making a false accusation. i will furthermore ask if what was said was true and knowing that my story is backed with facts, i will ask the narcissist to prove what he or she is saying is true or false.

What is the meaning of the idiom 'got no response'?

That's not an idiom, it's just a statement. Someone is saying they got no response to a question or action.

Is it good English to use the word miss in the expanded tenses is missing has been missing?

miss is a verb so can be used in all tenses. eg: You are missing the point of what I am saying. She has been missing too many meals. Jack is missing class too often these days.

How does Dill explain the missing pants?

Dill explains Jem's missing plants by first saying they were playing strip poker by the fish pond. Dill then said they were lighting matches to explain the missing plants.

Why do you say you're welcome?

Usually said in response to someone saying "Thank you." What you are are saying is that you are pleased to do/say whatever you did for them and they are welcome to the help you have given to them.

What is Juliet's response to paris' proposal?

Juliet responds saying, "it is an honor i dream not of"

Spit in a shoe and call it number 2?

This saying is in response to someone saying they are bored. It means that there is always something to do, with the number two referring to defecation.

What is wrong with saying you welcome in response to thank you?

You're forgetting the verb! You should say: "You ARE welcome".

What do you say when a cowgirl is said hello?

A good response to a cowgirl saying hello would be "Howdy!".

How do you say you love him without really saying it?

Maybe you should say it. Let it just 'slip' and if the response in undesirable, pretend you didn't realize you said it. Tell him it's a 'systematic response' or something you are so used to saying to your mom or brother or someone and then go from there.

Does no response equal a rejection from a shy girl?

If you got the 'no response' from a girl you really like, then no. A rejection from a shy girl is saying pretty much nobody likes you. No response means that person doesn't seem to make up their mind about you.

What does mia mean in text talk?

It means "Missing In Action", which is a shortened way of saying "Whereabouts and status unknown".

Behind the cupborad was the missing paper. what is the subject in the sentence?

cupboard because it says what it is. For example it is saying where the paper is

On the game spore it keeps saying default content missing when i launch how do i fix?

Uninstall and re-install the game.

Is saying what a proper response when someone has called your name?

"Excuse me?" or "I beg your pardon?" would be considered better manners.