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I am a Gemini and every sag I encounter I do not get along with much except for 2 people. And those are not romantic interests. I am not saying its impossible I really just believe that it depends on the two individuals rather than their sign. As a Gemini I have only been with libras or virgos my best friend is a Virgo and all of my relationships have been with libras. But for another Gemini that may not be the case. But from personal experience. No

Im a sagitarius and my girlfriends a Gemini and she my longest relationship.sagitarius is a fire sign and geminis are air signs which mix very yes it does make a good couple.

Sagittarius with Gemini - Halfway perfect. Much discourse over polarized ideals. Fix goals early on to make a perfect union work perfectly. Kids? Yes, if you have the means to support them.

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Q: Would a Sagitarius and a Gemini make a good couple?
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They make better friends than lovers.

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As long as your happy together that's all that matters!! :)

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Astrology is meaningless. If you like the person, go for it.

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they make a beautiful couple they just like different things in life I'm a Gemini n i go out with a Sagittarius n our relationship is good but not dhat much in life at times

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That shouldn't be what your looking for. The day that someone was born doesn't determine the compatibility of a couple. It should just be if you have the same likes and dislikes, and if you like each other.

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