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They make better friends than lovers.

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Q: Would a Sagitarius and a Virgo make a good couple?
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Virgo and sagitarius compatibiliy?

Not good.

Would an Aries and a Sagitarius make a good couple?


Would a Libra and Sagitarius make a good couple?


Would Saggitarius and Virgo make a good couple?


Would a Aquarius and a Virgo make a good couple?


Would Taurus and Sagitarius make a good couple?

As long as your happy together that's all that matters!! :)

Would a Sagitarius and a Cancer make a good couple?

Yes, it could be, just be peaceful and kind or it might not happen.

Does a Sagittarius and a Virgo make a good couple?

no no

Are sagitarius compatible with sagitarius?

Yes,why not.My guy is a sagitarius & we get along good.

Does a Sagittarius male and Virgo female make a good couple?

Sagittarians and Virgo's have a difficult relationship.

Does a Scorpio woman make a good couple with a Virgo man?


Would a sagitarius and cancarian made a good couple?

That shouldn't be what your looking for. The day that someone was born doesn't determine the compatibility of a couple. It should just be if you have the same likes and dislikes, and if you like each other.

Aries Ox and Sagitarius dog make good couple?

noone know if they are a good couple because it depends on how the two person react to each other then ull know.

Are Leo and Virgo a good couple?

Leo can be good with Aries, Gemini, Libra, Sagittarius. But there are always exceptions.

Is Leo and Virgo make a good couple?

They make better friends than lovers.

Is Virgo a good match for sagitarius?

Virgo Sagittarius Relationship Virgo's love being around Sagittarius for their free spirit. Sagittarius enjoys being with Virgo because they keep their feet firmly on the ground. Virgo is the giver in the relationship, but looks to be paid back in kind. Virgo helps Sagittarius, expecting the favor in return. For example, Virgo will pick up and move to the other side of the country so Sagittarius can take a job, and expects the same to be done for them. Sagittarius is freer with money than Virgo is comfortable with.

Are Scorpios and sagitarius good friends?

my mom is a sagi and we dont get alone soo i would say no!

Do two Virgo make a good couple?

There is absolutely no guarantee that two virgos will make a good couple. Basically virgos make very few friends.

Does a Virgo male and a female Sagittarius make a good couple?

A good couple, but not the best. Not reccomended; but if it's worked towards enough, it may result in a pretty good relationship.

What are the good qualities of sagitarius?

old, horny, and homosexual

Which lucky stone is good for Virgo?

Pearl is the best stone for Virgo.

Why would you think a Scorpio and sagitarius are not a good match?

Becuse Some People Think That Way But In My Opinion All That Matters Is Love.

Are cancers and sagitarius good couples?

Despite the obvious differences in personalitie, cancers and sagitarius make great couples, opposites attract and they have very passionate love making.

Virgo and Aquarius?

Not good.

Are a Cancer boy and a Sagitarius girl compatible?

I'm a Sagitarius girl who had a Cancer boyfriend. He is now an ex, because the relationship ended for parental reasons. But Cancer is mysterious and handsome, and Sagitarius is free spirited and pretty. Don't give up: Good luck!