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Q: Would a bad brain box cause your 1993 Eagle Summit to die while you are driving it?
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Over a long period of time would driving affect the brain?

Driving for long periods of time would affect the brain, if that's what you're asking.

What land animal has the largest brain for its size?

The east Hawiandian Eagle

How long can an harpy eagle grow?

the Harpy eagle lives for about 80 years. They basically die when you die, since it is lodged in your brain.

The frontal lobe of the brain is for driving a motor vehicle?


The frontal lobe of the brain for driving a motor vehicle?


What is the answer for the hidden meaning brain teaser gnivird?

driving backwards

How is the medulla active while driving a car?

The Medulla is at the base of the brain stem and is the part of the brain that controls your heartbeat and breathing, etc. Therefore, when driving, the Medulla is active in ways such as controlling your heartbeat if a deer were to run in front of you for instance. Your heart rate would increase along with your respiration.

How does drunk driving effect your driving?

drunk driving depresses one's brain and as a result one is unable to make good judgements on the road.

How can anger affect your driving?

anger can effect driving because alpha brain waves are concentrating on dynamical stress but your redocolum in your brain is NT focused so you have a 45% more chance of being killed while driving and being angry

What are 4 characteristics about the bald eagle?

The average feathers in an adult eagle is 7200 A bald eagle is about 30 inches tall Natural instincts tell them to be cautious and steer clear of humans. Their brain is about an inch or so sized cube.

Is the fronta lobe of the brain essential for driving a motor vehicle?


Is the frontal lobe of the brain used for driving a motor vechicle?


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