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Both can cause it.

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Q: Would a car jerk and have low RPMs because of a dirty fuel filter or bad fuel injector?
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Why does the air filter smell like gas?

Leaking fuel filter or fuel filter connections; Plugged, dirty or poorly connected fuel injector(s).

Would a car shut off because of dirty fuel filter?


Why is your 2004 6 liter diesel blowing lots of black smoke?

Air filter dirty or bad injector

Why is my 88 mx6 cutting out at 3000-4000 RPMS would it be because the fuel filter is dirty?

Could be a dirty or plugged fuel or air filter or could have a rev limiter installed on engine that is working properly

Can you give me an example of a sentence with the word Filter in it?

The air FILTER needs to be changed because it is dirty.

Why would a diesel car lose power and is there any timing adjustment on diesel cars?

A dirty air filter will cause a lost of power, also a clogged fuel filter will - Yes there are timing marks - but they are on the injector pump & usally don't change unless the hold down is lose. A good injector cleaner is a good idea to use when you fill-up.

What would cause a 1990 beretta gt to not shift into 3rd gear?

dirty filter or stripped bands. pray its a dirty filter.

1997 Dodge Intrepid is idling rough have changed plugs. but still idels rough?

Spark plug wires? Coil pack? Dirty injector? Spark plug wires? Coil pack? Dirty injector? Spark plug wires? Coil pack? Dirty injector?

Why does 91 skylark start but dies after switch released use to do this when cold only?

Had repaired along with dirty fuel filter the fuel injector was bad. Would work long enough to start then quit. $140.00 to fix

Why does your 2002 Ford Focus chug when at stop?

Your injectors and injector pump may need cleaning, approx. $100. Or it may be as simple as a clogged, dirty fuel filter.

What happens if the transmission filter is dirty?

I have metal in the transmission pan and the filter is dirty

Would a dirty filter have anything to do with a pilot light going out on a furnace?

Not usually. Probably a bad or dirty thermocouple.

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