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Would a dirty fuel filter cause engine surging on a 1999 Pontiac Grand Am GT?


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A) Change the filter, $25. B) Have injector system cleaned etc., $100. C) I had a surging problem 45-50 MPH. Battery terminals were corroded. I do not know how it even started. It was the original batt. 129,000 miles, 7.5 years old. I bought the car used in 2005, a 1999 (12/98) GP-GT @105,000 mi. I discovered the terminal problem when I had starting problems a week ago. The negative terminal was loose, and the positive terminal was "solid green/white" corrosion. Cleaned the terminals, replaced the battery, it was due. Behold my surgging stopped, tranny shifting is smooth, mpg & fuel read out is working dead nuts now. Check it out it worked for me. Dennis


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