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Actually it's not that it wouldn't know the correct timing, if you are talking about the cam angle sensor on the exhaust cam, then it will not send a pulse signal to the ECU at all, so no spark, no start. You can buy a new hall effect sensor from Jaycar Electronics for about $19 and put that in your original housing, otherwise multiply that amount by 20 for the Volvo product. There should be a crank sensor and a cam sensor, both of these have to work to get the car to spark. The cam angle sensor fails more because it is subjected to massive amounts of heat.


Yes it would. The engine would not know the correct timing.

There are several no start reasons. If you have a scanner tool it could isolate and reduce guessing. Your hall sensor, mass air flow sensor, ignition coil, could prevent the car from starting and run erratically at worst. Replace ignition coil first, mass air flow next. Try junk yard for the parts if your not sure. This could get expensive if at a repair shop!

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Q: Would a faulty Cam Sensor on a 1993 Volvo 850 cause the car not to start?
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Would a faulty o2 sensor cause a '93 sidekick to stall?

Yes, a faulty O2 sensor might cause a 1993 Sidekick to stall. It would also cause the car to misfire and use far more gasoline that it needs.

What would cause a 1988 Buick lasabre to not have spark?

A faulty crank sensor can do that.

Does the crankshaft sensor cause a 1997 Chevy Malibu to choke before cranking?

A faulty crank sensor would cause no spark and no fuel.

What would cause speedometer failure on freightliner Columbia?

Faulty vehicle speed sensor.

Would a faulty speed sensor on a 1999 Dodge Durango cause the ABS light to come on?

Yes it could.

What would cause the outside temperature sensor and the air conditioner to not work on a 2003 Nissan Maxima and could the problems be linked to one another?

It could be a faulty wire or connection. It could also be a faulty sensor or display unit.

Causes for the abs light being on?

Most common cause would be a faulty wheel speed sensor or damaged wires.

Check engine light on The garage says its the o2 sensor if there is more than one how do you tell which if faulty Would a faulty o2 sensor also cause it to run very lumpy?

make sure your gas cap is secure, I know it sounds crazy, but you would be surpized.

Will faulty O2 sensor cause check engine light to come on on 2002 ford expedition?

Yes, a faulty O2 sensor will cause the check engine light to come on. Many auto parts stores will plug in an ODBII code reader to your Expedition to get the "trouble code" that tells you which sensor (there are 4) is faulty, free of charge.

Does a faulty crank sensor or cam shaft sensor cause excessive oil use?

NO it will not. They have NOTHING to do with oil usage.

Does a faulty crank shaft sensor cause a car to shut off?

Yes it can.

Can a faulty speed sensor cause not to change gears?

In some vehicles, yes.

What cause your car to run to rich?

could be numerous things, like a faulty oxygen sensor/a.k.a O2 sensor, a faulty mass air flow sensor. it all depends on what year make and model of vehicle we are talking about

Can a faulty crankshaft sensor in my vauxhall astra be the cause of the engine intermittently cutting out?


What can cause a 1988 gmc van to choke out after it warms up?

A faulty temp sensor.

Will a faulty crankshaft position sensor cause a NO SPARK situation?

yes if its faulty its like going into safe mode your engine will not fire drive safe

What would be the symptoms of a faulty Camshaft Position Sensor on a 2002 Ford 7.3 Diesel?

Hey John==It wouldn't start. Of course there are other things that would cause it not to start. It uses the cam sensor to tell it where #1 is. GoodluckJoe

What would be the problem with an 87 Chevy Celebrity hesistating when you hit the gas?

Hesitation can be caused by several things: 1. A faulty throttle position sensor might cause hesitation. 2. A faulty MAP or MAF sensor might also cause hesitation. 3. A problem with the engine control module might cause hesitation.

Could the temp coolant sensor cause the truck to run cold?

The coolant sensor moniters the coolant temperature. A faulty thermostat could cause the engine to run cool.

Will a faulty oxygen sensor cause your engine light to come on in a 1996 Chevy blazer?


Will the speed sensor in a Chevy s10 blazer make the truck not shift?

That is True.. A faulty speed sensor will cause no shift or late shift..

How do you solve check engine light cause by speed sensor?

Replace the faulty speed sensor and the light will reset itself after a short drive.

What would cause a Code p0171 on a Plymouth breeze?

p0171 fuel system lean bank 1 Causes include faulty oxygen sensor, weak fuel pump, plugged fuel filter, low fuel pressure, misfire, faulty map sensor, etc.

Would the crank sensor cause only one spark plug and fuel injector lose power?

A faulty crank sensor would cause none of the plugs and injectors to work. Without an input signal from the crank sensor the brain will not know how to time it's signals. Most are designed not to attempt to function without the sensors signal.

Why does 5.7 vortec has fire sometimes and sometimes not 97 model?

I would suspect the crankshaft sensor. It could also be a faulty connection. the ecm will also cause it.

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