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It is very unlikely that an ECU issue would cause the above problem, and would certainly not affect mk2 and mk3 GTIs due to their distributor-based ignition system.

Not running on all cylinders is primarily due to a lack of spark on the affected cylinder.

On earlier vehicles (including GTIs with mechanical injection and no ECU) the spark may not form at the spark plug due to * a broken spark plug * a broken spark plug lead (commonly referred to as a high tension/HT lead) * damaged insulation on an HT lead (allowing the high voltage to find a path to the vehicle's electrical ground) * a damaged/worn distributor cap Later (distributorless) vehicles can have problems with coil-packs (as seen on the VR6 engines) or coil units (as seen on the 1.8T engines).

Any vehicle with a faulty ECU is most likely to either not start at all or run in LOS mode. LOS stands for Limited Operation Strategy and is comparable to 'Safe Mode' on a home computer. In this mode the car should still run, albeit with reduced power output. LOS mode is usually triggered by the ECU detecting a fault condition, faulty sensor or faulty actuator. LOS mode would not cause the vehicle to run on fewer cylinders.

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Q: Would a faulty ecu cause a gti golf not to run on all four cylinders?
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