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Would a girl become interested if a guy sings a song to her on Valentine's Day?


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Her reaction could be that of any one of the reactions on this page. Every person is different, and as you can see here, you cannot predict her reaction without knowing her well. The best thing to do is to take the risk. You may get a, "That is so sweet." or you may get a "That is the corniest thing I have ever heard of." but most nice and normal girls would be kind about it. The least you can do is try.

  • I would say if you really want to, go for it. Just be sure she actually likes you first. Also, don't do it with a lot of people around, because that could be really embarrassing for her.
  • That is so sweet. Go for it. Even if you're completely tone deaf, the girl will be flattered and love it!
  • Make sure you're good, if not THEN DON'T!!!!
  • Oh My God!! That's so sweet.. you should definitely do it..even if you cant sing...she will love it, because its the thought that counts.
  • That's probably one of the sweetest things I've ever heard! I'd say go for it, because girls love that sort of thing.
  • Very Sweet! It may make the girl crack up, but at least she enjoyed it. My friend (now boyfriend) sang for me, and i laughed. He was fun about it, and it was the sweetest thing ever.
  • I think that sweet! Even if you couldn't carry a tune in a bucket I'd appreciate it! I'd have a bouquet of flowers handy though.
  • I would love it if my husband sang to me on Valentine's Day. He says that he cannot carry a tune, but it wouldn't matter. I say go for it. It is a thoughtful gesture that most women would appreciate. Just a warning ... singing a song for that special girl would probably make her feel special, but you need to make sure you don't embarrass her. That means avoid doing it in front of lots of people. She may really like it, but there is the possibility she may not.
  • That is the corniest thing I have ever heard of. I say NO! She will be embarrassed and you will never get her.
  • That's so sweet! Yes, I agree with the public thing, you could take her on a picnic or something, where there's not too many people or do it at one of your own houses.
  • I would totally dig a guys who did that even if they didn't sing well, but make sure it's not offensive in any way!
  • If you're a good singer then yes, but if you embarrassed a girl in front of a lot of people the chances of her dating you are slimmer.
  • She could become embarrassed because you knew that she liked you! No guy I've ever known would do that for a girl!
  • It depends on the situation; if it's the right time it would melt her heart. but if it is awkward, or whatever it will be a huge turnoff, and send her running! Literally! Just make sure the timing is right. If you sing to her, she will most likely think that it is really sweet, and she will love it whether she admits it or not. Go for it!
  • That's so nice, but I agree with everyone else do not sing in public. She will most definitely like it, but don't overdo it as that would be too weird, but I really think you should go for it and having flowers is a good idea.
  • Only if you've been dating for a long time, because if you sang her a song but you two have only been dating for a couple of months, that would make her feel really awkward. but, if you have been dating for a long time then that would be really sweet and she would remember that moment for a really long time, but don't just appear out of nowhere and start singing. Maybe write her a song and give it to her and say casually "would you like me to sing it to you?" or record your song and send it as a mix tape. You give her your heart without the awkwardness and embarrassment! Unless you feel really confidant and have extreme musical talent, go sing it, but if you're basically tone deaf, then stick to the advice and don't rap.
  • I was simply going to say don't, but it's fair enough, after being together for a long time, this might be cute, and funny and cheesy, but lovely. This isn't something I would recommend on a first date. Awkward and over the top, make it fun if you ever do it, don't serenade someone after planning it for months, having lessons and everything and not telling them, it probably wouldn't be that great.
  • Depends on the song and only do it if you know and are in the good books with her friends.
  • Another more successful way you could do it is go out dancing at your special hang-out and when a romantic, slow song comes on softly sing the song in her ear and that way you don't risk embarrassing her. Most young woman would appreciate that more than being pin pointed in public or even with just the two of you alone.
  • I guess it all depends if it's done in public, or if the guy singing is a GOOD singer. Even if he isn't, it can be comical if he doesn't take himself to seriously, but still be sentimental. I"m a chick that hates cliches more than anything, but I would absolutely melt if a guy sang a song for me. I think a guitar, piano, or musical instrument of some kind would help. Musicians are hot. Always have been since...forever.
  • If you sang to a girl (especially on Valentine's Day) it would definitely make them more interested in you as long as you can sing reasonably well and its a song she likes, but you have to like it too. I would find it a big turn on; especially if it's accompanied with a piano or guitar
  • When I first read this I thought no way! I would never want a guy singing to me, but when I thought about it, really if he put that much thought into it and wanted to do something special for me that bad, i probably would appreciate it. but I do have to admit it depends on personality, if the girl is really crazy and outgoing id say go for it, but if they're more quiet and shy I might wait or find a way to find out more about her, you certainly wouldn't want her to be embarrassed, since some people hate being the center of attention like that. It also depends whether your doing it in public, if its in privacy then you don't have to worry about embarrassing her. But I would also like to say, personally I might appreciate a cute note left on the hood of my car or in my locker, or maybe some roses sent from a secret admirer to my class, more than a song. There would still be a lot of thought put into it but it wouldn't be quite as extravagant of a production.
  • YES! I would love it if the guy I like would sing to me on valentine's day! We both met each other at choir so I'm pretty sure he can sing well, but I'm sure she wouldn't care if you sang terribly, as long as it wasn't in front of whoever was walking around in the school hall.
  • YES! girls love sensitive guys! I'd love it if my boyfriend did that! Go for it!
  • Some girls are weird and goth and might not like that but i think if you're good at singing than that would be pretty sexy.
  • I'm with the girl who thought she'd never want a guy to sing to her. If a guy that was really interested in me and he sang to me, I don't think I'd know what to say. I'd totally be sweet on him if he's willing enough to put himself out like that in order to get me interested.
  • I'm a guy...so I think they would, but it depends what kind of girl she is really. If she's a shy girl...then best not to do it to the point that she'll be embarrassed because the last thing you want to do is embarrass a girl that you like.
  • Make sure of the song. No girl wants to here Sexy Can I if you are trying to get her attention.
  • Considering I am a girl if a boy sung to me on valentines day i would fall in love!
  • It depends on the song, and how well you sing. If it's not a corny song and you sing well, she may be. Choose your song carefully and consider singing lessons. I think that if a boy sings to a girl than she will most likely LOVE it. If you do sing to a girl than you should try it out on your mom or someone to make sure your voice is good. if the girl is a "bad girl" than I think you should keep away from the singing.
  • That's very sweet, but do it joking a little, because it can be very idiotic too.
  • Ahw! That's such a great idea!! Try not to take yourself too seriously if you decide to do it (you've had really mixed responses!) - that way, if you're great, you can be modest and if you're...uhm, less than tuneful, you can at least laugh about it (while you're being smothered with kisses from the object of your affection... XP).
  • Okay you have to be like the sweetest guy ever to do that! My boyfriend got me by playing the song "I'm Yours" on his guitar and singing it. It was supposedly just playing his guitar. but I could see it that that's the song he wanted to play, and that he was playing it cause I was there. He looked at my a lot while singing so I knew it was to me but to the rest of the group he was just playing. I'd suggest a similar approach to avoid embarrassing her. Just be like "Hey wanna hear me sing?!" and then if she says yes then just start singing it looking at her and making hand and arm gestures toward her. If she says no then in a joking kind of way say "Well too bad I'm going to sing my song anyways and you're going to listen!" She will definitely start being interested. It might not be full blast right away, but she will definitely start noticing you and thinking about you which will lead to REALLY liking you eventually if you play our cards just right.
  • OHMIGOD YES! I would be FLATTERED if a guy sang a song for me on Valentines day! GO GO GO! Girls love stuff like that! Give her roses too!
  • Forgive me for not being gender related in this situation, but if you can't sing just let her know how you feel or the casual poem would suffice.
  • I had a guy do that once and he wrote the song and played it on his guitar(hes a musician so i guess you can say its his craft) i have to admit i was embarrassed because i was self-conscious and he sang directly to me we had only been dating a few weeks but i thought he was super sweet and obviously had some balls for putting himself out there so soon in the relationship he was straight forward and there was no second guessing and he has only gotten sweeter and more amazing were still together after over 2 years and our love is still growing... i say there's no harm as long as its what you want and you may get even more then you expected.
  • I'm a girl, and I wold personally love that, but one of my friends hates it when guys sing too them. She actually slapped a guy. I guess it depends on the girl.
  • It really does depend on the girl. If she's really shy or doesn't like being in the spotlight, I definitely would not do it in public. However, many girls would find it incredibly sweet to see a guy do something like that for them. If you cannot sing, though, I wouldn't recommend it as she might feel like you're mocking her or your relationship.
  • Depends on the girl... if she is aware of your musical amazingness and won't end up laughing at you then go for it.