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Would a girl give you her phone number if she doesn't like you?

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βˆ™ 2008-12-17 05:49:32

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It depends, but in the case that they do, the question is, are you sure that it's her real phone number? You can just call and her and see what's up.

2008-12-17 05:49:32
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Q: Would a girl give you her phone number if she doesn't like you?
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If a girl tell you to erase her phone?

she means she doesnt like you anymore or she doesnt want to date you anymore.

Would Liam Payne give a 12 year old girl his phone number?

No, he does not give his personal phone number to fans.

What to get your 9 year old girl for her birthday?

It depends on the girl. But if she doesnt have a phone i think she would like it. is she girly? If she is maybe a designing thing would work. I hope you get the point. Bye!

Why does a girl call others on the phone except for you?

she doesnt want to call you

What would be cute to say to a girl?

i forgot my phone number can i borrow yours?

Should you ask a girl for her phone number?

That depends. If you don't know here, then you probably should talk to her and get to know her first. If it's a girl you know, then it would be acceptable to ask her for her phone number.

If a girl gives you her phone number for no aperent reason do she she like you?

if a girl gives you her phone number and a hug does she like you

If a girl gives you her phone number after you ask for it does she like you?

she must be interested or she would not provide it.

Would Niall Horan give a random girl his phone number?

No. Celebrities do not give their personal phone numbers to fans.

How do you ask a girl friend for her phone number?

Wait for the right time to ask. Ask the girl for her phone number to see if she wants to hang out or go out sometime. Perhaps try: "It would be great to know you better. Is there a number where I can reach you?"

Why would a girl want to be a boy?

She doesnt like being a girl

Should you give a girl your phone number on a note?

Yes, you can give a girl your phone number on a note and should she want to talk she can call you. If the girl wants your phone number a note is a clever way to pass it along to her.

What does it mean if you ask out a girl through text and she doesnt respond?

The most obvious answer is shes busy and doesnt have access to her phone OR she doesnt want to tell you no and hurt your feelings...sorry =/ her friend could of had her phone and clicked view later and the girl doesnt look in her inbox... just text her again after a while and if still no respond give her a not or ask her

Is it wrong for a guy giving his cell phone number to a girl?

It is not wrong for a guy to give his cell phone number to a girl, if he wants her to call him. That is as long as he is not married or in a relationship. If he were married or in a relationship, it would likely be upsetting to his partner.

What is the phone number of the American Girl store in Atlanta?

There is only one phone number and the number is on the back of any American Girl catalouge.

What is the Brownie Girl Scouts hut phone number?

The Brownie Girl Scout hut phone number depends on what hut you are looking for and where it is located.

How can you get phone no of Japanese girl?

To get the phone number of a Japanese girl, it's probably best to actually know a girl from Japan. A person can also make friends with a girl from Japan and build a trusting friendship before she gives her phone number.

A Girl gave me her phone number and seems kind of interested in me does she want me to or expecting me to call her?

When a girl gives you her number out of the blue that usually means she is interested in you and would like you to call her.

What do you do if you miss the girl you love but theres no way you can contact her?

I would try to get her phone number or email by some of her friends

Should i ask a girl out in high school by phone but she doesnt know i have her number im 15 btw?

No, you shouldn't. You should ask her out in person. It's one of the "rules" of a good relationship. Always ask out and/or dump a girl/boy in person, NEVER by text, phone, letters, or e-mail.

Why would your boyfriend put a girls phone number under his guy friends name?

My ex did this to me. After the first few weeks of our first yr in college. Then i caught on after a while. They do i so that when their girlfriend looks threw their phone, the girl doesnt think of it much and then when she thinks something is up...then they check the text messages and find out.

What does it mean when a girl puts her number in your phone?

It means that she would like you to call or text her. Her intents in phone and text conversations may be either friendly or romantic.

If a girl mentions what kind of phone she has is that a sign to ask her for her phone number?

Yes, be like "Cool, I have a (phone name)... so... whats your number?"

If a girl gives you a wrong phOne number what will you do?

Not talk to her

What is the phone number of the B Anderson Girl Scout Museum in Phoenix Arizona?

The phone number of the B Anderson Girl Scout Museum is: 602-285-6942.