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It depends, but in the case that they do, the question is, are you sure that it's her real phone number? You can just call and her and see what's up.

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Q: Would a girl give you her phone number if she doesn't like you?
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If a girl tell you to erase her phone?

she means she doesnt like you anymore or she doesnt want to date you anymore.

Why does a girl call others on the phone except for you?

she doesnt want to call you

Would Liam Payne give a 12 year old girl his phone number?

No, he does not give his personal phone number to fans.

What would be cute to say to a girl?

i forgot my phone number can i borrow yours?

What to get your 9 year old girl for her birthday?

It depends on the girl. But if she doesnt have a phone i think she would like it. is she girly? If she is maybe a designing thing would work. I hope you get the point. Bye!

How do you get a Jewish girl's number?

If you want a girl's phone number, ask her for it.

If a girl gives you her phone number after you ask for it does she like you?

she must be interested or she would not provide it.

If a girl gives you her phone number for no aperent reason do she she like you?

if a girl gives you her phone number and a hug does she like you

Should you ask a girl for her phone number?

That depends. If you don't know here, then you probably should talk to her and get to know her first. If it's a girl you know, then it would be acceptable to ask her for her phone number.

Would Niall Horan give a random girl his phone number?

No. Celebrities do not give their personal phone numbers to fans.

Why would a girl want to be a boy?

She doesnt like being a girl

How do you ask a girl friend for her phone number?

Wait for the right time to ask. Ask the girl for her phone number to see if she wants to hang out or go out sometime. Perhaps try: "It would be great to know you better. Is there a number where I can reach you?"

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