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==It depends== It depends who is doing the asking. If his best buddy asked him, it is highly likely he would at least say he was interested in a particular girl. Sometimes guys will tell their sisters. Men don't often shout from the roof tops how much they care about a girl, and women are more prone to be chatty about it, especially with their friends. If a girl has to ask the guy she is going out with if he loves her, then she's not confident. Go out and have fun (nix hitting the sack with a guy right away) and see where the relationship goes from there. Usually most guys will show they love the girl by their actions rather than being verbal.

2006-08-25 19:18:59
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Q: Would a guy admit to liking a girl if someone just randomly asked him about it?
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When and how will shy girls admit to liking a boy?

When they know that the guy likes her.

What do you do when your in love with someone whose in love with you but neither of you will admit it?

you have to admit it to them!!!

If you were alone with a girl would she admit to liking you?

With prompting, she very well might. But there are some really shy girls out there who wouldn't tell no matter how much they want to. >:D

How to know if someone is gay What are some signs Besides asking him?

The only way to know if someone were gay would be for them to admit it.

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How do you get help for someone who will not admit they are ill?

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What does it mean if a guy doesnt tell you he likes you when you ask?

It could mean he really just doesn't like you or he is too shy to admit to liking you.

How do you make someone admit if they are gay?

A person's sexuality can be a very private matter. You can't make someone admit something unless they really want to; nor should you want to.

What should you do if you like this girl and everyone says she likes you but you always talk about liking other people even though we don't admit liking each other?

just ask her out shell b flattered, plus u no she likes u then

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if someone reorded it or if they admit it then you will know...

Why wont someone admit they are promiscuous?

We don't just admit it. We proclaim it! Even lie about being promiscuous when were not. ANSWER: Because of dignity and pride..

How do you admit you like someone?

start up a conversation, then get onto the subject of girls/boys. admit you like someone when they ask you, and then when they ask who, start describing the person without saying the name, then tell him/her.

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TRY ASKING EM that might work

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How can you encourage somebody who likes you but is too afraid to admit it to himself to realize his feelings?

You are second-guessing the feelings of this other person and you have absolutely no idea what they are thinking about you. Instead, you are wishing this to be true. You can't make someone love you. There is a big difference between someone liking you (as a friend) and loving you romantically. Take it easy and let Mother Nature take her course.

Why don't guys want to admit when they love someone?

They usually don't admit it because people will make fun of them or they are too shy. sometimes they love you too much to admit it and/or they are afraid you may not love them back...

Characteristics of a well adjusted person?

someone who knows how to admit his own mistakes..

Your crush shows most of the signs of liking you but wont admit it. what can you do to get him to admit it?

Well if you really care if he likes you or not, then you must like him. Just tell him how you feel about him, and maybe he will open up too. Most men want you to make the first move. And show him mild signs that you are attracted to him,

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Do guys admit when they like someone to a girl?

yes but im not a guy but ill bet they do