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Not exactly lie, just not let on that he likes her for fear of rejection. Alot of people do that. The way to find out is to do some subtle things. Ask him general questions and see what his response is. Like, what kind of girl do you like. Do you prefer blondes or brunettes. Whats your favorite type of girl. You can also play the slightly cold shoulder and see if he pursues you.

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How do you know the difference between a guy liking you as a friend or liking you as a girl friend?

you can ask! just ask if you would like to go out or spend the night at your house. his answer would tell you everything. if that didn't work, then just ask! just ask in a private place, "Do you like like me, or are you just my friend!" you won't get humiliated! if he like likes you, he'll say yes, if he does not who cares! he is your friend! he won't you know, laugh or do anything humiliating! give it a try!

How do you know a girl likes you but is your friend?

Whenever she comes around you alot and likes to flirt. If she just says hi she is just a friend, but if she says hi! with a smile she likes you. Just try the common keys to a liking you.

How do you get your crush's girl friend to back off of me just for liking him?

you can say you like him but wont try anything because he is allready taken

How do you act like your friend if your friend likes the girl you like and the girl you like likes your friend more?

I would just switch girlfriends with my friend, but that's just me.

What does it mean when your friend tells a girl you like them and the girl smiles?

You should go talk to that girl. & you might actually have a chance of her liking you back (: or she just thinks its cute. iknow ths cause im a girl

What should you do if a girl hates you cause the guy she likes hangs out with you but you only like him as a friend?

You should confirm her that you arent dating him because hes just your friend. tell your friend how the girl feels about you... Just try and tell your friend how you feel it doesn't work out then be patient it should in the end and actually try and include your friend when you hang out the boy cause he might end up liking her.

Why would a girl leave her boy friend just to get with you?

She may be fickle.

How do you make your crush like you if he likes another girl?

You can't make anyone like you. Liking someone is a choice. Just be his friend and that may turn into something more.

How do you seduce a girl into liking you?

Just be honest with her. And tell her she's beautiful.

What do you do when you like a girl but she has a friend who hates you?

When that person who hates you isn't around, ask the girl if she likes you. Try to find out WHY the other girl hates you, then change that or talk to her about it. Flirt a little with the girl you like, and if she has a phone, you should text her. Then, as time goes by, she will probably end up liking you and her friend will just have to suck it up.

What should you do if your friend who's sort of a jerk likes a girl who mutually likes you?

well tell your friend to just back of its really just about the girl liking the guy but really nothing to meet with you. #1.... and #2 hello ask her out!!!!!! (you said it was mutual) punch him right in the face and ask that girl out b4 its to late then teabag his dead body.

How would a guy break out of the friend zone with a girl?

He needs to realize that the girl just wanted to be friend, that there are many girls in the sea for him, and that he needs to move on.

How do you get a girl as a friend?

You would have to be nice to the girl, show her respect, don't be rude around her and try to help her out in anyway possible. This can lead a girl to be your friend and then maybe beyond just a friend if she really gets to like you.

You want to know if this girl likes you Without asking her What do you do?

Get your friend to ask her friend. Or just see if she shows any sign of either liking you or, if it's negative, liking another guy. Or bring it up to her gently and ask her if she likes anyone...when you ask someone that you can normally tell if they're lying... good luck dude.

What do you do if you and your friend like the same girl?

Well,Im a girl, and this has deffinitly happened to me before. What i would say is just play your own game and if she likes your friend, dont sweat it. Well,Im a girl, and this has deffinitly happened to me before. What i would say is just play your own game and if she likes your friend, dont sweat it. Either fight and the winner get the prise and loose a friend or one of you should let his friend get the girl and keep the friend.

How do you stop being jealous of your best friend dating a girl you like?

Ive been in your situation. and im still in it. the only way to get out is just to stop liking her or talk to uyour best friend about your feelings. hopefully he/she will understand. You can also just like another girl. that's what im doing. well good luck!

If a guy goes on about not liking a girl and just going no way while that girl is there does it mean he likes her?

yea, totally

How do I deal with a girl I like that has tunnel vision on another guy that doesn't like her along with competing with a friend who likes the same girl but has no chance at all Annoying Corrupt?

just make the guy she likes look like a jerk, she'll stop liking him. Then get your friend to start crushing on another girl, and she is all yours!@

How can you get a girl to be friends with you?

Just be nice to her and be friendly like you would do with any other friend :)

How do you stop liking a close friend?

well that would be impossible... if you really want to, dont talk to her/him..or just staying away from him/ should do that in order to stop your feelings..

How do you get a girl to like you before your friend does?

Well to get a girl to like you before your friend does you just pretty much have to talk to her before your friend does. Well to get a girl to like you before your friend does you just pretty much talk to that girl before your frend does.

How do you ask a girl to be your girl friend?

Just go for it.

How do you get your best friend to stop liking someone?

You really shouldn't make your best friend stop liking someone unless that person's a bad influence on her/him. If they ARE a bad influence, just explain to your friend that he/she is not right for him/her. Make sure she/he knows how you feel about this. Hope this helped

What do you do if you like your bestfriend?

If I were in your position I would just stay friends with them you don't want to lose a best friend if you guys break up so I would just suggest being friends.

Should you ask out your friend that's a boy and you are a girl IN SIXTH Grade?

Sure why not, but be warned the result may or may not be to your liking, just prepare yourself for some dissapointment . (Which hopefully won't happen)