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No, both weigh a kilogram

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Q: Would a kilogram of feathers be heavier than a kilogram of lead?
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Which is heavier a kg of feathers or a kg of lead?

A kilogram of anything weighs a kilogram

What is heavier a kilo of lead of wood or of feathers?

They all would weigh the same amount, 1 Kilogram.

What would have the larger mass a kilogram of lead or a kilogram of feathers?

A kilogram is a measure of mass therefore a kilogram of lead and a kilogram of feathers have the same mass: one kilogram. They would, however, have different volumes and densities.

What is heavier a kilogram of gold or a kilogram of lead?

They are equal.

Which has a higher density - a kilogram of feathers or kilogram of lead?

Lead has a much higher density than feathers; 1 kg. of it fits into a smaller volume.

Why would 1 kilogram of lead be less awkward to carry around than 1 kilogram of feathers?

Because of its' mass density. The lead would be much smaller in size.

What is heavier a kilogram of lead or kilogram of polystyrene breads?

They both weigh the same !

What is the difference between a kilogram of feathers and a kilogram of lead?

Density, the atoms in a a kg of lead will be a closely packed solid, a kg of feathers will be a lot more spread out and surrounded by air.. That is assuming both your lead and feathers are under standard conditions..

What weighs more 1 kilogram of feathers or 1 kilogram of lead?

They simply have the same weight.

Which has greater mass 1.0 kilogram of feathers or 1.0 kilogram of lead?

both have the same mass

Which is heavier a pound of lead or a pound of feathers?

It's the same amount.

Does a kilogram of lead weigh as much as 100 g of feathers?


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