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Would a man be turned off by a woman's hurt at being asked to give him space in a relationship?



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Assuming this has been asked by a woman, don't play games by hiding your feelings. Tell him how you feel. Be strong enough yourself to give him the space. As a confident woman, you have plenty of things going on in your life, right? So take this as an opportunity to see your girlfriends more or go to the gym. Who wants to spend more time with someone who would rather not be with you as much? In my opinion, asking for "space" means the person wants to end the relationship. It's natural for a person's feeling to be hurt when they're broken up with. Respect his decision but give yourself space--don't contact him, ask him not to contact you. It will make it a lot easier to get over the break up. The best thing for you to for yourself is to get out with your friends, take up activities you let slide during your relationship. Don't dwell on the what might have beens.