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Would a modulator valve cause a tranny on 92 Ford Aerostar to hesitate between 1st 2nd?

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Where do I find the vacuum modulator for the tranny on a 91 Chevy Caprice?

It does not have one.

How do you change Vacuum Modulator on 350 engine?

The vacuum modulator is located on the passenger side of the transmission, just above the tranny oil pan. It has a vacuum line going to it. It actuates a valve in the tranny for upshifts.

Where is the modulator located on a2001 dodge Dakota transmission?

under the tranny filter

Where is transmission modulator valve on 1998 Bonneville?

Most 98 Bonneville se and sse do not have modulator valves they have a electric plug on the side of the tranny

Where is your modulator valve for 1987 ford bronco II?

if your talking about for tranny its on the passenger side of tranny,LOOK for black rubber hose running to it

What can cause a aerostar transmission not to pull?

The Bands in the transmission are slipping/ the tranny is bad.

Does the 1994 s10 blazer havve a modulator valve?

assuming your talking about the transmission modulator...visually inspect the transmission and look for a vacuum hose from the engine to the tranny...

Where is the transmission modulator on a 1991 suzuki sidekick?

It is on the right/passenger side and at the rear of the auto tranny.

Does the Modulator on a car have anything to do with the transmission of a car?

i know theres a modulator on a chevy th 400 tranny that can leak fluid bad and prevent it from shifting.Its on the transmission itself.

What is the pressure on a at modulator for th 400 tranny on a 1983 Chevy 6.2l k20 diesel?

The 400 tranny on a 1983 Chevy 6.2L K20 diesel have very high pressure.

Where is the transmission Modulator for 1990 Chevy lumina 3.1 located?

Lift hood. Locate area between engine and transmission, look down, follow the vacuum line from the maifold to just above the starter. The unit screwed into the side of the tranny with the vacuum line coming out is the modulator.

What is the timing set for a 89 aerostar?

10 deg BTD, tranny in neutral, spout connecter disconnected

Where is the modulator valve located on a 1982 gm Malibu?

on the passenger side in the back of the tranny the vaccum line goes to it.

How do you replace the transmission modulator valve on a 1985 380sl Mercedes Benz?

The modulator valve is located on the LH side of the tranny and has a vacuum line going to. After replacing you have to set the modulator pressure by connecting a gauge to the tranny, removing the cover from the modulator valve and turning adjustment bar underneath. With out pictures its hard to show how the gauge is connected. To be quite honest if you really have done the tests required to diagnose the modulator than setting the pressure should be the easy. If you have more specific questions feel free to add answers and I will do my best to help. Sorry my answer could not be more complete.

Where is the modulator valve on 86 Chevy 350 turbo and how nhard is to replace?

not hard at all its very7 simple its in the passenger side of the tranny

Regarding 1979 Trans Am with 403 engine What is the rear manifold vacuum outlet connected to?

probably the power brakes if you have them and the vaccum modulator on the tranny.

Why wont your transmission shift while im driving?

check your fluid level. check for a vacuum leak on the tranny modulator valve.Without knowing what kind of vehicle that is about it.

Your 1992 Ford explorer w4.0L won't shift into second unless you do it manually then when you try to shift into drive it downshifts and its full of fluid and its a fresh rebuild what could the problem?

Vacum line is off of the modulator. The modulator is located behind a plate on the passenger side of the tranny near the rear Cat. If there is fluid in the line, then you will most likely need to replace the modulator.

Will a 1992 ford aerostar with a 40 engine with a automatic transmission will the transmission fit a 1993 ford aerostar 30 engine?

Its my understanding that the 92 and 93 Tranny is the same for the two years. It might make a difference if one is a electronic 4-wheel drive and the other is not.

Just bought a edelbock carb and installed it in my 80 firebird when i put the car in gear it won't shift How many vacuum lines go to the tranny and where are they?

there should only be 1 vaccum line to the tranny and it hooks at the back of the tranny on the passenger side to the vaccum modulator and the other end should hook to a vaccum line off the intake manifold.

How do you check the transmission fluid on a 1994 Ford Aerostar mini-van?

you should have 2 dipsticks. 1 for oil and 1 for tranny fluid. the tranny fluid dipstick is going to be the one in the back of the engine compartment. if you have to add some. use "dot 3 tranny fluid" and a funnel. check the fluid level with a warmed up tranny and while the eng in idling to get a proper level reading

What causes a Ford Aerostar XLT not to shift into overdrive and stay in third gear no matter what speed you go?

my 93 aerostar did this, my problem ended up being the modulator valve on the transmission, a 13.00 dollar part at autozone, it was sucking tranny fluid into the motor, wouldn't shift right and was running terrible. you can tell if this part is bad by simply getting under the van, find the transmission pan, on the passenger side, on the pan lip(hard to see on a 93) there is a small hose connected to it, pull it off, if tranny fluid is in that hose valve is bad Another possibility is that the torque converter is bad. Thanks for answers. Oddly enough I replaced a fuse and overdrive worked??? *Where is that fuse located?*

Is there a spacer that goes between tranny and motor 1985 ford ranger 28 engine manual tranny?

there should be a thin guard usually stainless steel that fits over the guides for lining up the tranny. between engine and transmission.

Where is the modulator loacated on a 1985 Chevy Blazer small block 350 turbo?

on the side of tranny, about mid point on passenger side, there is a vacum hose on the end, with a single bolt clip holding it on

Where is the modulator valve located on a 1967 Mustang transmission 6cyl and what does the modulator valve do?

It should be on the passenger side near the rear of tranny.It cushions shifts with the use of engine vacuum.It can leak vacuum by way of the rubber diaphragm. When this happens the car may burn tranny fluid and produce a lot of blue white smoke.