Would a mountain lion kill a chicken?

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Yes if it was hungry.
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Would a tiger eat a mountain lion?

They are not found on the same continent. But tigers sometimes kill leopards, and there are eyewitness accounts of them eating the leopard, so they would probably eat a mountain lion.

Are mountain lions really lions?

"Mountain lion" is actually another name for a Cougar, and they arenot considered a true lion. Cougars are known by many namesincluding puma, panther and of course mountain lion. they are likecheetahs or panthers. They actually have over 40 other names (puma, panther, catamount,miniature lion, etc. ( Full Answer )

What kills a lion?

A pack of dogs, a crocodile, a rhino, a hippo, an elephant, a bear, a gorilla, a hunter, a bull, a tiger, and a large python. Poachers kill lions and it is wrong we need to do something to help all in danger animals. We need to work together. Please email me at shayna.davis39@gmail.com if you what t ( Full Answer )

What are mountain lions?

It is also referred to as a puma or cougar. It is a large cat inthe feline family. yes a mountain lion is a carnivore because they eat other animals.

What are lions killed for?

lions are killed for their meat,claws,teeth,bones and their skin wich can be used to make mats.

Do mountain lions live in mountains?

Yes long ago thy were found in the mountain but after awile they started moving down from the mountains and now they are moving alot more because the there habitat is being destroyed.

What do lions kill?

lions kill pretty much every thing in the Savannah for example zebra,gazell,buffalo and pigs In Africa, lions hunt animals like wildebeest, warthogs, zebras, buffalo, and various kinds of antelope like impalas, kudu, hartebeest, gemsbok, and eland. Sometimes lions have been known even to kill giraff ( Full Answer )

What mountain lion is the mountain lions enemy?

A mountain lions only enemy is any animal that has the nerve to try to attack it. Its very rare that the mountain lion gets attacked, and even rarer if the mountain lion loses the battle. A Mama bear with cubs will kill a cougar. but this is a rare incident indeed. Humans are a mountain lion's main ( Full Answer )

Why are lions killed?

I am not positivley sure about this answer that i am giving you!. Lions are killed because they are thought of causing harm towards other animals and humans. Lions are also killed the the furr to make coats scarfs ect ...and killed for meat to eat.. If this helps you please leave a comment on my m ( Full Answer )

Why would your chickens start killing each other?

Over crowding and or signs of illness can trigger a disruption in the coop. When one bird gets weak from being sick the rest can start being very aggressive and it can become a free for all. Once blood is drawn this fighting can really have a bad effect on the whole flock if not brought under contro ( Full Answer )

Can lions kill?

Yes. They're predators, that's what they're designed to do. It is important to note that the females hunt and kill more frequently than the males, who, while still adept hunters, are wanderers that often share in the kill of a resident pride.

Would a wolverine kill a lion?

Probably not, but anything in nature could happen. A wolverine would only kill a lion if it was starving, had to feed its' family, etc, but not just to kill a lion. . if he had to

Would a lion kill a crocodile?

well a lion might do it but if you think,crocodiles are powerful.as the jaguar can do it ,tiger can d it it's likely to win.the fact is the crocodiles are powerful only at the front.tigers and jaguars uses it as an advantage.if you go past these jaws its simple to kill it then

Can a lion kill you?

Easily YES. Lions are large and powerful animals that can kill any living thing with just one bite. Humans are comparatively smaller and weaker than most of the lions prey species and hence they can kill us humans with ease. So, I would suggest - stay away from them.

What can kill a lion?

All sorts of things can kill a lion: . Other lions . Lion traps . Snares . Cape buffalo . Hippos . Rhinos . Crocodiles . Starvation . Dehydration . Disease (feline distemper, for instance) . Genetic disorders (like from risk of inbreeding) . Pack of hyenas . Poachers/hunters . Ligh ( Full Answer )

How does a mountain lion survive in the mountain?

he is a predator, so no one is going to eat him, and he is always warm because he has a fur coat. As for food, he probably eats other small animals that live in the mounatain

Would a grizzly bear eat a mountain lion?

Probably not, unless the mountain lion was dead or incapable of fighting back. Grizzlies assess situations in terms of the threats to their well being. If a grizzly could be hurt in an attempt for food and would therefore be unable to eat, it will probably just go find something else to devour. Ther ( Full Answer )

How would you train a dog not to go after chickens if they have killed chickens before?

A dog that has successfully concluded the prey response (eye, stalk, chase, kill) is an unlikely candidate for rehabilitation. The only way to control such a situation is to create a perimeter around the chicken area using positive reinforcement (clicker), so the dog clearly understands this territ ( Full Answer )

Who would win a fight between a mule and a mountain lion?

It depends on the situation. Whether the lion has any experience in him, whether the mule is already injured; there are countless possibilities, and even more countless outcomes. Hmmm... It seems these answers are not at all accurate in what you particularly asking. That would not help you at all. ( Full Answer )

Would a mountain lion eat a bear?

No because they are both dominant species and I imagine if a cougar actually did attack a bear the bear would hold it's ground

Why do mountain lions live in the mountains?

Well God gave them strong legs made special for climbing and leaping. They have big feet so they can have more of a grip and so they don't sink into to snow and their fur is good for the freezing temperatures, and mountain lions don't always live on the mountain, they can live near it.

What would kill a chicken and leave the body?

There are numerous things that can kill a chicken and leave the body. We have had our dog kill a chicken by wanting to play with it. She didn't want to eat it just play. Heat stress will kill a chicken. Sometimes they just die without any visible cause.

Would a raccoon kill a chicken?

A raccoon will kill chickens. Most of the time they will pull the head off the chicken but racoons are very hostile so never take one for granted ,as they will bite. A couple of racoons will kill your entire flock of chickens in a very short time if not stopped .

Will a liger kill a mountain lion?

Yes,because it is larger and more stronger. . The Liger weigh 550 to 620 lioness is the stronger . than male one A Liger would defeat a tiger too and. also2to5 wolves.

Can a mountain lion kill a wolf?

A mountain lion would completely own a wolf if it was alone. Most wolves travel in packs though and a pack of wolves would detour a mountain lion from attacking in the first place.

How many penguins would it take to kill a lion?

It depends like if it's a baby lion or an adult lion or a small penguin or bigger penguin but my oppinion or hypothesis is probably between 10-50 it depends.

Can a panther kill a mountain lion?

Yes, the names panther and mountain lion can be used to describe the same animal. To protect its young, a mother can be expected to fight another to the death.

How many lions would it take to kill a grizzly bear?

A grizzly bear has the correct, strong strength of killing two male lions, but three male lions out-weight and over-strength the grizzly bear. Three lions could kill a grizzly bear.

How many lions would it take to kill a polar bear?

It's hard to say. Lions and polar bears live in completely different climates, biomes and continents, which only leave us with our imagination as to how many lions it would take to bring down a polar bear. Some say six, others say different.

Is a mountain lion really a lion?

Techinacally, no. A mountain lion is another name for puma, cougar, and/or mini lion. The only relation it has to its cousin is that it is in the Felidae Family.

What would happen to deer in a recreation area if the mountain lion is removed?

If mountain lions are removed from a natural park type of setting, and we are assuming that the lions are the sole predator of the deer in the area, then what you would see is an increase in the deer population. As long as there are enough resources in the park setting (food, water, space, mates, et ( Full Answer )

Would a mountain lion be a good pet?

i have one myself and yes they are. . . they are very loyal but in the USA you must have a permit in order to own one. . . i also have 3 wolf hybrids. . . same process but the time it takes to get a permit can make months. . . even YEARS to complete.

Can st bernard kill mountain lions?

St. Bernards aren't built to be lion hunters or killers, but it certainly would be difficult for a cougar to easily kill such a large, powerful dog, and a dog that will turn around and attack right back in attempt to protect its owner.

Can a cheetah kill a in mountain lion?

Yes if it needs to.If a mountain lion comes in a male cheetah's territory the cheetah will kill it. A female cheetah will fight with the mountain lion in order to save it's cubs.

Do mountain lions only kill for food?

A mountain lion does not only kill for it's food. If it's old or injured it will look for animals that are already dead. But if it can't find any, it looks for weak animals.

What would happen if your dog got attacked by a mountain lion?

There is a high chance that the dog will either die or be seriously injured. Cougars go for the neck whenever they attack from ambush, and a dog has a poor chance of survival unless it has some lucky chance that it gets away before the cougar lands on it or it's a large dog that's large enough to fi ( Full Answer )

Who would win a fight a bear a mountain lion or a crocodile?

That is a trick question, if the fight were to be near a lake or forest, the bear would win. If the fight were to take place up in a rocky place, the mountain lion would win. if the fight were to be in a lake, the crocodile would win.

How are a lion and mountain lion different?

Short answer: They're of different species and live on separate parts of the world. More info: A cougar (Puma concolor) is also known as puma, mountain lion, mountain cat, catamount or panther. These species live in the Americas. They extend from Yukon in Canada to the Andes in South America. ( Full Answer )

Will a mountain lion kill a human?

uh yes they will. They prefer the element of surprise and when they do hunt down a human, they bite the head and break the neck with the bottom fangs and the top fangs pierce the skull.

Would a lion killing a giraffe be an example of parasitism?

No. Lions hunting giraffes is predation, not parasitism. Parasitism requires one animal or creature using another animal or creature for its benefit while the used creature suffers. A predator kills a different animal to consume it.