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Would a speeding ticket in Florida by a driver with Michigan drivers license result in points on the Michigan license?


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Michigan will place points on a license for a ticket from another state. However, if the offense in the other state would have carried other penalties, including suspension, Michigan is not obligated to impose those penalties.


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If it was a New York or a Michigan ticket, the answer would be YES. Because it is a Florida ticket, the answer is NO - for now. That may change in the future.

Yes, unless you gave the officer a Virginia license. If you showed him a Florida license, points will be added to you in florida.

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5 years at least in Michigan; howeve, they only rate you on them for 3 years for speeding tickets

Yes. See if you can take traffic school to get it reduced before it hits your license.

No you cannot get a drivers license in Florida if you have had your license suspended in another state.

Not sure why don't you contact the Michigan DMV and get it clarified.

Yes, a speeding ticket in any state transfers to every other state. The system is interconnected by your social security and drivers license number.

A speeding ticket will affect your license in most states for up to a year.

When you get a speeding ticket, generally, points are added to your license. So yes, a speeding ticket that is out of state, will still effect your license.

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on your 16th birthday you should get your Michigan drivers license

It is important to drive safely for everyone's safety. Yes, a speeding ticket in Delaware will affect a Pennsylvania's drivers license.

No. As long as your license is valid you will not be given any more points than usual on a ticket for having an out of state license. You will simply receive points as normal.

Yes, the state of Florida can place a lien on your drivers license.

Move to NC, establish residence, go to the Drivers License Office with your Florida license, proof of residence, another form of ID, and money.

The simple answer is none. Even without the suspension, as a Michigan resident, you're only eligible to be issued a Michigan licence.

My son received a ticket in Colorado, and it DID add points on his Michigan driver's license. Not sure about other states, but I would bet it would.

I'm not a hundered percent sure. I had a florida license before my Colorado one was revoked. My florida license is still valid and that is what I am using. I don't see why not.

Points in Florida stay on your license for 3 years for insurance purposes.

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