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Would a transmission flush help a car shift better or would it need a transmission or someting else?


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2006-04-28 21:39:18
2006-04-28 21:39:18

i think it would because it would make the gear shift better and lube them and help it


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would an automatic transmission car jerk when shifting after having had a transmission flush

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To do a transmission flush, first read the manual to your car. You will find out when you will need to do a transmission flush and how to do a flush.

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Transmission flush is really good for your car. A transmission flush is a mixture of oil and transmission fluid which allows your transmission to run really smoothly.

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Your owners manual lists a transmission oil change as regular maintenance. If someone is recommending a flush it would replace this service. If there is a fault and they are recommending a flush it is to late, the transmission needs repair.

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In fact I would advise against it on a high mileage transmission.

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