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narcissist is one of those "buzz words" that everyone likes to use to the point that it has no meaning. Maybe he's just a jerk. Maybe he is immature and can't maintain a relationship and wants the constant feeling of infatuation. Maybe it was YOU (maybe not). Narcissism is a severe disorder that has specific characteristics and can only be truly diagnosed by a therapist. But it's nice to assign names to what people do so that we can feel better for not having that particular malady. Let�s face it, we�re all screwed up. We can�t get out of childhood without being screwed up because as a child we were all smaller than everyone else and felt inferior. Is it �normal� to want to assign a name to other�s behaviors? We do it, it just isn�t healthy. Move on. Don�t worry about what he does, just make yourself better. Probably more personal advice than is appropriate on this web site, but it�s actually good advice.

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Q: Would a true narcissist replace their family and try to have children right away with another woman if you've left him and taken the children?
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A true narcissist is the center of their own universe. If what you are asking, does a narcissist see that they are being self centered and selfish, the answer is NO. To a narcissist, they are right and the rest of the world is wrong. If they say the sky is red, it is red. A narcissist will even view their needs as the needs of other people. Narcissism is a personality disorder, and therefore is not cureable. So, if you meet a narcissist I would recommend turning and running. Lastly, if you are married to a narcissist and working for a narcissist, my sincere condolences. That is what happened to me. I lost my family, and my career all in one fell swoop when the big midlife crisis hit since we worked all together.

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I do not think that a narcissist is able to truly love, or show compassion or empathy. Perhaps because they did not feel loved as a child, so as to know how to love. I feel that children follow their parents' example. I feel that when a person is about to get married, that he/she should see the dynamics of the person's family before making a decision. These are just my thoughts, with some experience.

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