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Q: Would a viper win in a fight against a black mamba?
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Who would win in a fight the rock python or black mamba?

Black Mamba would most likely win a fight.

Who would win in a fight the black mamba or inland taipan?

In a fight black mamba would won because inland taipans are not much aggracive as black mamba.Black mamba is the 2nd biggest venom snake in the world and the fastest snake on land.

Malayan pit viper and black mamba fight who win?

Black mamba wins.

What would win black mamba or boa constrictor?

A black mamba would win

Who would win in a fight black mamba or mongoose?

Mongoose would win because he was lot more advanced. Black Mamba is the most poisoneus snake in the world but so heavy and slow.

Who would win a black mamba vs green mamba?

A balsk mamba defenetly

Who would win in a fight black mamba vs king cobra?

Mambas are found in Africa and the king cobra in Asia. They would never meet in nature. If they did, the king cobra eats almost nothing but snakes and is much larger than a mamba.

Which snake would win if an Egyptian cobra fought a black mamba snake?

Black mamba

Which snake would win if a fer de lance fought a black mamba?

Black Mamba

Can a black mamba kill a green mamba?

A black mamba

What is deadlier-- black mamba or green mamba?

Definitely black mamba yes

Is the black mamba endangered?

The black mamba is not endangered

What will happen if a blck mamba vs anaconda fighting together?

The Black Mamba would win.... 'cuz it's black.

What snake can beat a black mamba?

Another black mamba.

Which is more poisonous the black or the green mamba?

The Black Mamba

What is Deadlier a Black Mamba or Taipan Snake?

black mamba

What do black mambas do when attack by a predator?

The fight or flight syndrome kicks in. The mamba will either try to escape or fight to the death.

What will win black mamba vs rattlesnake?

A black mamba would win because they are much quicker and more aggressive than rattlesnakes.

Are Black Mambas in Iowa?

The Black Mamba is a snake native to Africa, any Mamba found in Iowa would be a long way from home.

Rock python vs black mamba who would win?

i think black mamba will win.becuse it is most stronger and faster as rock python.

Who would win a blackmumba or a garter snake?

black mamba because the black mamba can use a toxic venom injected to the garter snake

Who is the black mamba?

a black mamba is a type of snake, its about 14 feet

Which is more poisonous a black mamba or a scorpion?

A Black Mamba of course.

Does Kobe Bryant prefer Black Mamba or KB24?

black mamba

Do a black mamba live in India?

No, the Black Mamba lives in Africa.