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It would be short, Saturn only goes for 9 hours, earth has 24 hours

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shorter, it would be three years on earth!

It takes Saturn 10,747 Earth days to make one full orbit around the sun, which means that one year on Saturn is equal to over 29 Earth years.

Saturn has the second (to Jupiter) fastest spin of the eight planets. It takes about 10 hours and 14 minutes to make one full rotation on its axis, much shorter than an Earth day of 24 hours.

No. Jupiter and Saturn have much longer orbits than Earth. Earth orbits the sun in 1 year, while Jupiter takes nearly 12 years to complete an orbit and Saturn nearly 30.

No, a day on Saturn is much shorter than one Earth day. The giant planet spins around, or rotates, once every ten and one-half (earth) hours.It spins every 10 hours 45 minutes and 45 seconds

your days would be longer and your years would be shorter

Shorter. Mercury has a shorter orbit than earth and 1 day in mercury = 59 days on Earth. 1 year on mercury= 88 days on earth.

it takes saturn longer to revolve around the sun

Yes it is. A year on Saturn is about 29 of our years.

If earth rotated on its axis more slowly, the night/day cycle would take longer.

well as Saturn is further away from the sun. the sun, represents day.Therefore a shorter day. :)

The days would be longer, and the gravity would be higher if the rotation time of earth was longer. The days would be shorter, and there would be less gravity on Earth if the rotation time decreased.

Yes the tilt of the Earth does make the seasons longer and shorter. The sun has something to do with it,too. The farther the Earth is, and how long the rotation is , the hotter and longer the season.

It takes Saturn longer to revolve around the Sun.

It takes Saturn longer to revolve around the Sun.

A year on Uranus, would be approx 84.07 Earth years.

It depends on the planet. The planets orbiting closer to the sun than earth (Mercury and Venus) have shorter years, because they have smaller orbits, and travel faster. The planets further from the sun (Mars, Jupier, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune) have longer years because they have larger orbits and travel slower.

Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune

the year would be longer because i feel like saying this

No, a "day" relates to the rotation of the planet since Saturn spins or rotates much faster than Earth the days are actually shorter than here on earth. It spins every 10 hours 45 minutes and 45 second.

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