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No. Acid will generally react with metal to produce hydrogen. In order to produce carbon dioxide, and acid must react with a carbonate.

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The equation for metal carbonates and acid?

metal carbonate + acid --> salt + water + carbon dioxide

What is the group of substances that produce carbon dioxide gas when an acid is added?

Both metal carbonates and metal hydrogen carbonates form carbon dioxide when mixed with acid.

What is the word equation for acid metal carbonate?

acid + metal carbonate--> Salt+ Carbon dioxide+ water

When a metal carbonate reacts with acid?

The resulting compounds of this reaction are a metal salt of the acid, water and carbon dioxide.

What acid plus metal carbonate?

Metal + Carbonate --> Salt + Water + Carbon Dioxide

What is the word equation between acid and metal carbonate?

metal carbonate + acid = metal salt + carbon dioxide + water e.g. calcium carbonate + hydrochloric acid = calcium chloride + water + carbon dioxide CaCO3 + 2HCl = CaCl2 + H2O +CO2

When an acid reacts with a carbonate what gas is given off?

its obvious..when an acid is reacting with a carbonate 3 things are made: Metal Salt Water Carbon Dioxide so the gas that would be given off is carbon dioxide

Acid plus metal carbonate equals?

salt + carbon dioxide + water

When hydrochloric acid reacts with sodium nitrate is carbon dioxide evolved?

No. Where would the carbon in the carbon dioxide come from?

When metals react with acids what gas is given off?

metal + acid - metal salt+ hydrogen Metal carbonate + acid - metal salt + carbon dioxide + water

Why do metals dissolve when you dip them in acid?

The acid reacts with the basic metal to form carbon dioxide gas and salt

What are the products when you react a metal carbonate with an acid?

Carbon dioxide is evolved along with the formation of water and metal salts.

What acids make metal carbonates?

Carbonic acid H2CO3. Although not existing as a pure substance (it decomposes into carbon dioxide and water) carbonic acid is the weak acid in solution produced when carbon dioxide dissolves in water.

What acid does carbon dioxide create?

Carbon dioxide create the carbonic acid - H2CO3.

How do you test for the product of an acid and carbonate reaction?

As metal carbonates react with acid, a neutralisation reaction happens. Salt, water, and carbon dioxide are produced. This can be expressed in the following general equation:metal carbonate + acid → salt + water + carbon dioxide To test for carbon dioxide the gas can be bubbled through limewater. Carbon dioxide will dissolve slightly in water to make a weak acid (carbonic acid). Another neutralisation reaction then happens between the limewater (calcium hydroxide) and the carbonic acid. This makes the limewater turn milky, which is the positive result for carbon dioxide.visit : ask-astrologer.blogspot.com for more on this

What is the reaction of carbon with hot nitric acid?

carbon + nirtic acid = water + nitrogen dioxide + carbon dioxide

How do you prove that given salt is carbonate of a metal?

it can be tested in the following way- metal carbonate+acid=metal salt+carbon dioxide+water

What is the general reaction for an acid and a carbonate?

The general reaction is Acid + Metal Carbonate -> Salt + Carbon Dioxide + Water Hope this helps!

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