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Would an 18-year-old get in trouble if he got a 16-year-old pregnant?


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NONo they can't get in trouble But the 16 year old might

Yes, the 18-year-old is a legal adult, the 16-year-old is a minor. What action authorities could take depends upon the AOC in the state where the minor female lives. The minor's parents or guardian can file a complaint with authorities and possibly civil action as well.

Be advised, that all states have laws pertaining to relationships (sexual and otherwise) between adults and minors. Likewise, all states reserve the right to file charges and prosecute the adult involved in such a relationship without the cooperation of the minor or the minor's parents or legal guardian.

The minor involved in such a relationship would not be subject to any criminal or civil action.


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Well it's depends on where you live. I know that in England, it would be the girl who would get in trouble for having sex with a minor

umm i think he should get in legal trouble because that is very bad but u would get into trouble

You're a bit strange would be the simplest way of putting it. But there are no laws about dating. There are laws about sexual contact. And this could be illegal in a number of states and countries.

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it means that you look kind of easy and you might get pregnant or that you look like you would get him in trouble with his friends, his family, or the law

Yes! Of course you can. What kind of parent would give permission for a 15 year old to get pregnant?

The 17yo has reached the age of consent in all territories of Australia and I can't find anything that you would get into trouble for it.

It is possible that they could get in trouble. If the teenager is under the age of consent, and they knew she was having sex, there could be charges. If they encouraged the relationship, they would be encouraging someone to break the law.

you would not get into any trouble - the thief would be the one to get into trouble.

Probably not. The age of consent is 16 in most places.

im pretty sure you could get into trouble as it is because you probably shouldn't get a 16 year old pregnant in the first place but, yes you would.

It would depend on what you mean by getting in trouble. They are now legally responsible for a child. but they aren't going to go to jail.

It's highly unlikely that you would be pregnant.It's highly unlikely that you would be pregnant.It's highly unlikely that you would be pregnant.It's highly unlikely that you would be pregnant.It's highly unlikely that you would be pregnant.It's highly unlikely that you would be pregnant.

I don't know, but if there is no punishment, there SHOULD BE!!!!!!! My gosh what in person in their right mind would get 15 year old pregnant.

no he wouldn't be in trouble necessarily, he is still under age. if he was 18 an got u pregnant then yeah he would be in trouble. but don't worry bout it. my baby's daddy was 16 when he got me pregnant when i was 14.. everything was fine now im 21 an have a beautiful lil 6 year old girl!

It depends on the state they are in. In some states it would be a crime.

If the girl pressed charges he would probably be put on trial because she is a minor and not legally allowed to have sex

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