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If the "lock-up" clutch on the torque converter is getting engaged at inconvenient time you would get the conditions that you describe. The lock-up torque converter is there to provide direct-drive when you are running at highway speeds. That can give you a little better economy. If you un-plug the torque converter you will mask the problem, but the fact is that you probably still have a bad relay or other condition that should be repaired. No, it probably won't hurt anything. But lock-up is there for a reason. I have but 300,000 miles on a 1986 with the lock-up clutch disconnected. My 1985 has 200,000 with the lock-up disconnected. Gms oem prosessor chip brings in the lock-up at speeds to slow for the 2.5 DUKE to handle. Take it from me a 500,000 mile guy disconnect the D--- thing! GETERDONE!

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โˆ™ 2008-06-22 07:20:16
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Q: Would an 88 Chevy Celebrity run fine for around town use with no damage to the car if you unplug the torque converter so it will not lunge violently and die on hot days?
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Will lead additives damage catalytic converter?

They will not only damage it they will destroy the converter.

What damage occurs if a plugged catalytic converter is not fixed?

The heat generated by the converter can back up into the engine and damage it. Cause it to overheat, blow a head gasket or damage the heads.

How do you know when your catalytic converter pieces damage your cylinders?

It can't the converter is in the exhaust system

Will a plugged up catalytic converter damage the engine?

Yes, it can damage the engine.

Does a catalytic converter damage the engine?

Yes it can

Will it hurt to drive with a bad catalytic converter?

Yes, you can do serious damage to the engine if the converter is clogged.

What can bad spark plug wires damage?

Catalytic converter due to unburned fuel being burnt in the converter. It can also cause damage to the ignition module.

Can a bad catalytic converter damage the ignition coils or a bad ignition coil can cause to catalytic to go bad on a ford expedition?

A bad coil can damage a converter. If the engine is misfiring, it will cause raw fuel to get into the converter and that can cause failure.

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Can burning antifreeze cause the catalytic converter to go?

Yes, internal coolant consumption can damage a catalytic converter.

Can antifreeze coolant cause damage to catalytic converter?

yes it can

Does a damaged torque converter do more damage to the transmission?

It could.

Can an oil leak damage a catalytic converter?

yes it can because oil cal leak into the exhaust system and contaminate the catalytic converter

Can a bad torque converter damage your transmission?

No a bad convrter can not damage your transmission however it will make your vehicale run rough

What happens when a thermostat is stuck closed?

The engine will overheat violently, serious damage can occur if you continue to run the engine.

Is it bad to drive your truck with a bad cadalitic converter?

Yes it is. It can damage the engine.

Can a burned exhaust valve cause any other damage?

Depending on the vehicle, it could damage the catalytic converter over time.

Will a faulty EGR cause damage to other things in a Dodge Neon?

Yes, it can cause damage to the O2 sensor and catalytic converter.

What happens if you don't fill a torque converter?

Pump will fill the converter when started however running the pump dry may cause damage to the pump

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You can permanently damage the catalytic converter (if fitted) which can be costly to replace.

What does a ctlinder misfire do to the car?

Depending on the cause of the misfire, it could damage the catalytic converter.

Will the digital TV signal cause damage to an analog TV that does not have a digital converter box?


What damage would be caused by not fixing the catalytic converter?

If the converter is partially clogged it can cause the engine to overheat which can cause serious problems. Other than that if will not harm the engine.

How do you take torque converter off of engine so you can mount the motor on a stand?

The Torque Converter is part of the transmission, not part of the engine. The torque converter needs to come off with the transmission. You need to remove the starter to access the torque converter bolts/nuts and separate it from the flex plate. Besides loosing all of the fluid in the torque converter, you stand to damage converter seals and/or the pump if the converter isn't properly installed in the transmission.

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