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YES testing animals is animal cruelty

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Q: Would animals being tested be animal cruelty?
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Related questions

What are the effects that animal cruelty have on the animals brain?

Animal cruelty have negative effects on the animal brain. Animals get scared and become more wary and lonesome. They get scared of humans, and it would seem like a painful life for them. Animal cruelty is not fun. If you see animal cruelty contact the police, and to find out more about helping animals, go to the humane society.

How can you end an animal cruelty speech?

If I were giving a speech on animal cruelty then I would discuss how the animals are treated, what is really done to them, and end with saying . . . "if this isn't cruelty then what is?"

How does animal cruelty effect your community negatively?

Animal cruelty effects a community negatively by making people fear the safety of their animals, and if the cruelty made headlines would damper the view on the community as a whole.

What is the opposing view for animal abuse?

Animal cruelty is viewed as negative treatment and abuse of animals. The opposing view would be people who debate what exactly define cruelty. Some animal cruelty behaviors are obvious, while others are opinions.

What is the difference between 'cruelty to animals' and 'animal abuse'?

Cruelty is a form of abuse; therefore, there is no difference.There is an interesting article on animal abuse on the following link that ma be helpful in coming to a conclusion in this issue. Australia what may be referred to as animal abuse in the US is referred to as cruelty to animals then there is the more serious charge known as aggravated cruelty. Cruelty to animals can be things leading from neglect and ignorance while aggravated cruelty would cover deliberately causing harm to an animal. This is a difficult subject and the legality's are handled differently depending on where you are However many developed and educated country's are developing laws that protect animals from both mental abuse and physical cruelty.

What are types of animal cruelty?

Cruelty to animals can come in a variety of forms. Some say that medical testing on animals is cruel; the other side of the debate is that diseases such as polio and smallpox would still be rampant had testing not been done on animals. Some say that killing an animal is cruel, yet organizations back by PETA and the ASPCA euthanize several million animals a year. In the strictest sense, any treatment of an animal that is not necessary for the greater good of humans or is for the enjoyment of the perpetrator would likely be cruelty.

Why is animal cruelty good?

Animal cruelty is not good. Never was, never will be. Animal cruelty is horrible and just think of those poor little animals suffering from abuse. How would YOU like it if somebody locked you up in a cage and beat you with a metal pole? You might even bleed to death. you wouldn't be fed and you would starve. No animal or person wants to be treated like that. hundreds, maybe even thousands of animals die each year because of these awful, horrib

What companies are against Cruelty to animals?

If you would like to know a company that are against animal cruelty, you should go to! It talks about things like becoming a vegetarian and you get points if you help an animal or discuss animal cruelty with friends, family and strangers!!!

Which common ethical dilemma would you say that this testing on animals was not used if a product was not tested on a animal?

I am not sure I understand what you are asking, but for me there is an ethical dilemma in the fact that anything not first tested on animals, is first tested on people.

What is the worst case of animal cruelty?

Probably killing them slowly and painfully. I would say that if you were to cut off an animals ears and tail by yourself that would be a bad case of animal cruelty, but also dogs that are used as bait dogs is very sad.

Why does cruelty exist in the world today?

Some of the worlds people are evil in the way they treat animals. people just neglect them are are are breaking the protection of animals act and yhe animal welfare bill. you should treat animals how you would want to be treated. THINK!!!! STOP ANIMAL CRUELTY>!!!

Does China have any animal protection laws?

There is just the wild animal protection laws for some rare wild animals in China nowadays, but no federal animal protection laws for animal cruelty. Some regions, like Hong Kong, have local animal cruelty laws that are fairly strict. A new proposed bill, drafted in 2009, regards animal cruelty, and would outlaw several cruel practises.

What movie had the most animal cruelty in it?

I would go with Cannibal Holocaust. Wikipedia states that there are 7 killings of real animals for the movie. As well as Platoon, a Vietnam war movie, had some animal cruelty in it as well. Although arguments have been made from it being fake, others say it is real cruelty and the dispute continues.

Is making fur coats animal cruelty?

Yes, Fur coats is animal cruelty unless the animals are already dead. But usually people lay traps and when they have an animal they want, they would either beat them, strangle them, poison, or even electrocute them just to get their fur. Up to 50% of trapped animals are 'useless animals' including domestic cats and dogs. 1 to 4 captured animals escape by chewing his or her leg or paw off, dying by loss of blood , infection or predators. Conclusion: Fur coats is Animal Cruelty unless they die naturally, most of the time they die because of us humans.

What are benefits of decreasing animal cruelty?

Many people may think, a dog or cat is an animal, and animals are stupid and aren't worth it.. But this is wrong, the benefits of stopping animal cruelty are that you're not only ending some poor animals hardship but also giving them a life worth living. And an animal is a living thing they can feel pain, loneliness, depression and anger they know what it is. So if you saw a dog in the street being beaten with a leather belt and it was yelping and yowling would you still ask in any doubt, what are the benefits of decreasing animal cruelty? Iona

How many computers would it take to crush a puppy?

Why the heck are you asking this? Are you for animal cruelty? OMG Why the heck are you asking this? Are you for animal cruelty? OMG

Animal testing is it bad?

Well this may sound very inhumane but, i think animal testing is good. If animals arent going to be tested on then who is? We would be tested on. Now dont get me wrong i LOVE animals but we need to test animals even if it kills them. Im sad that it is that way but i think it is the right thing sadley....

Reasons for why animal cruelty is wrong?

Animals are alive so they should be treated with respect just like how some one would treat humans.

Where do animals live while being tested?

If they werent found dead, the animal would have had laughing gas and would be asleep during the testing.

If animals feel pain than does that mean that animals have rights?

No. Rights come with responsibilities. You have them, I have them, everybody has them. I think that lately the rights have been going down and the responsibilities up, though! An animal can have no responsibilities, so handing them rights would in fact elevate them above us in the scheme of things. We would have to "pay" for what they get for free. That doesn't mean that being a bad steward is acceptable. Undue cruelty is wrong. But we have dominion over them, which means it is moral for us to put them to reasonable use. If we eat an animal that would otherwise never have existed at all, at least it had a life first. Same with medical testing. Anything not tested on an animal first, is obviously, then, tested on a person first. Absolutely unacceptable! Some like to pretend that they can "test" things in a test tube (maybe someday!) but that still leaves the fact that anything not first tested on an animal, is first tested on a human.

Idea on an intro for animal cruelty?

today i would like to persuade you help stop animal cruelty. animal cruelty happens everyday, all over the world and we do nothing about this. i am asking you to listen to what i have to say and maybe then, you could help stop this from happening.

How you can you solve animal cruelty?

If every person takes an oath to take care of animals. But there would always be one person who wouldn't. But you can reduce it by fundraising etc

Cons of Animal Testing Debate?

Animal testing has saved many lifes. Yea it may not be the best thing out there, but it saved my mothers life, and i would like the animals would tested the drug.

Should animal testing be continued or stopped?

ANIMAL TESTING SHOULD BE STOPPED.... Especially if you are an animal lover. Animals are tested everyday for stuff that we use daily. A majority of these animals are killed in the process. If you think that going and testing something on something that you cared about and it killed them how would you feel.... These animals are living breathing things and why should people destroy the so we can see a new (ex.) of eyeshadow or perfume that is a scent already out in the world that is not tested on animals. Think about your pet for example dying. How would you feel?? That s what animal testing does.

What happens after animals are tested on?

if the product has passed then the scientists would kill the animal and dispose it its horrible i know but that's what they do