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Would anyone know the price on a stoneware sitting ballerina by Loet Vanderveen purchased at Gumps in San Francisco?

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Hi - I am actually on-line looking for informatin about Vanderveen on a "sitting ceramic piece" that my mother purchased, while I was with her, back in 1971 at Gumps in San Francisco. I wouldn't even have known it was by 'Loet Vanderveen' except that I found the receipt to it while I was going through the trillion boxes of stuff of my moms (she lives with me now, she'll be 89 this summer!) It was purchased 6-22-71 and was shipped back to our home in Greenwich, Connecticut. The piece is a little old lady seated, with flowers, in her hand and with a big 'peace sign' hanging around her neck! She has a light, greenish-gray glaze. When she arrived to our home mother promptly placed her on the mantle of our fire place! The cost on the receipt says $100, plus $3.43 tax. That was the cost at the time... but who knows her value today. She is in mint condition - not a chip. I found one piece advertized on-line that showed how hard it is to find Mr. Vanderveen's signature - if you didn't know it was there somewhere you'd never know what to look for. If I hadn't found that receipt... I'd have had to take it to a professional to have found out the artist! Cindy, West Palm Beach, Florida

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The price of a stoneware Cascade Water Cooler is ranged around $359.98 in most stores/markets The price of a stoneware Cascade Water Cooler is ranged around $359.98 in most stores/markets

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Founded in 1815, Louisville Stoneware is famous for being one of the oldest stoneware companies in the United States. Formerly known as Louisville Pottery, they are well-known for their pottery decorations with the Kentucky Derby or Christmas themes.

What is another name for porcelain?

Another name for porcelain is stoneware. Porcelain is a type of stoneware that has the lowest absorption rate and is very hard and dense.

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In the ninety's the mugs was made in USA now they are made in China or Thailand therefore now are from stoneware.

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Stoneware does not chip easily, however, earthenware does and is often marketed as stoneware. As usual, the quality of the original piece also enhances it's durability (or lack thereof). The following link is helpful:

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The duration taken to cook a ham using stoneware depends with the temperature being used. At 350 degree Fahrenheit it will take between two and a half and three hours to cook ham using stoneware.